10 reasons to visit El Salvador in 2021. Get to know them!

By Eddie Galdamez  |  Dec 6th, 2020

El Salvador is a small Central American country with exceptional charm and character. El Salvador is less touristy than its neighbors but is worth visiting. It has pristine beaches, impressive volcanoes, rich history, great culture, beautiful historic buildings, and iconic churches.

Some reasons to visit El Salvador in 2021 are the tropical beaches, the colorful towns, the ecotourism, the archaeological sites, the year-round surfing, and the cost of visiting.

Travel to El Salvador
Divine Savior of the World Monument. Photo by: Lexdjelectronic2013

Reasons to visit El Salvador in 2021

  1. The tropical beaches
  2. The small colorful towns
  3. The ecotourism activities
  4. The interesting archaeological sites
  5. The year-round surfing
  6. The tasty gastronomy
  7. The arts and crafts
  8. The historic buildings and churches
  9. The cost of visiting
  10. The friendly locals

The 10 reasons to visit El Salvador listed here can be enjoyed all over the territory and at any time during the year.

1. El Salvador tropical beaches.

El Salvador has a fantastic coastline filled with superb beaches for all types of visitors. The country has plenty of options for those looking to get their surf on. Travelers looking to enjoy the Pacific’s warm waters also have plenty of beach choices all over the place.

If surfing is your thing, you are in luck! El Salvador has some of the best surf spots in Central America. Go surfing at popular locations such as El Tunco, El Sunzal, or Punta Roca; these beaches get many visitors, especially on weekends. If you prefer to surf with fewer people, go to El Zonte, Las Flores, or Punta Mango beach.

Looking for a beach to just relax? You can stay near the capital and visit La Costa del sol, El Puerto de La Libertad, or San Diego beach. If you don’t mind traveling, go to the eastern part of the country, and enjoy the endless stretch of soft sand and clear waters at El Cuco beach.

Why visit El Salvador
El Salvador Surf. Poto by @SecPrensaSV

2. Salvadoran small colorful towns.

El Salvador is home to some great little towns with history and traditions that date back to colonial times or even before. These towns are located all over; so, finding one you can visit and explore will not be difficult.

Small tourist towns such as Panchimalco, La Palma, Suchitoto, Ataco, Juayua, Nahuizalco, and others are some of the most visited.

At these unique colorful towns, you will be able to view and enjoy many different things. For example, colonial architecture, local customs, historic colonial churches, and local gastronomy, to name a few.

City of Juayua
Town of Juayua

3. Ecotourism activities are a top reason to visit El Salvador.

If you are looking looking for ecotourism activities, El Salvador is a viable option. The country has a vast array of volcanoes, lakes, and natural parks that can be visited and explore at any time of the year.

Volcanoes. The country has over 20 great volcanoes scattered all over its territory; some are active, and some are not. Hiking and exploring these volcanoes is a top activity to do in El Salvador. Different types of volcanoes can be hiked; some are easy with well-marked trails. Others are more challenging as they don’t have paths and are not easily accessible.

Lakes. El Salvador is home to impressive lakes. There are three that you should definitely visit. The first is Lake Suchitlan, a man made lake located near the colorful town of Suchitoto. The next two are Ilopango and Coatepeque lakes; these two are impressive volcanic calderas.

Natural Parks. El Salvador is a small country with plenty of parks for you to explore. You can go to the Cerro Verde National park; here, you will find two impressive stratovolcanoes and plenty of Flora and Fauna. If you don’t mind traveling, go to El Pital National park, which is located near Honduras. You can also stay near the big city and visit the El Boqueron National Park, which sits just outside the nation’s capital.

El Salvador’s ecotourism is one of the top reasons why you should visit El Salvador. These fantastic parks, lakes, and volcanoes are ideal for spending time outdoors enjoying nature.

Izalco Volcano

4. The Archaeological sites, an excellent reason to visit El Salvador.

The archaeological sites in El Salvador might not be as impressive as the ones in Guatemala or Belize. Nonetheless, these archaeological sites are exceptional and should be on the must-see list of El Salvador.

If you finally make it to El Salvador, visit Tazumal, Joya de Ceren, San Andres, or Cihuatan. You will get to see and enjoy the historical, cultural value these sites bring to the region.

Tazumal El Salvador
Tazumal Ruins

5. The year-round surf.

A top reason to visit El Salvador is the year-round surf. El Salvador has plenty of beaches where you can get some surf done the entire year. Obviously, if you are an experienced surfer, it is best to visit during the wet season.

El Salvador is a top destination for surf in Central America and is getting better. The Salvadoran government is pushing surf as a way to attract new tourism into the country with its Surf City brand.

It is also attractive that here, you can go surfing all year without a wet suit; yes, the water is that warm. Furthermore, if you are a beginner, don’t worry; there are plenty of surfing schools around to teach you how to ride a Salvadoran wave.

Why visit El Salvador
Surfing in El Salvador. Photo by @SecPrensaSV

6. The tasty gastronomy.

El Salvador offers visitors a variety of traditional Salvadoran foods. If you visit the beach, you will have plenty of fresh seafood dishes to sample.

Now, if you are away from the beach, you will definitely find plenty of great local food to try. One item that you must have is Pupusas, which is considered the national dish of El Salvador.

By the way, most of the country’s tourist small towns have a food festival on the weekends. At these local gastronomy events, you will find tasty local foods to enjoy.

Typical Salvadoran food
Salvadoran Pupusas

7. The local arts and crafts.

El Salvador has a lot of pride in its arts and crafts; the tradition of making some of them go back to pre-Colonial times. The Salvadoran arts and crafts are great to decorate homes or to give as gifts.

In many local markets across El Salvador, especially in smaller towns, you will find plenty of local crafts such as bowls, mugs, plates, hammocks, and woven goods.

Arts and crafts are such a big part of Salvadoran culture. The government created its own Artisan tourist route; this route takes you to small, colorful towns where local crafts are in their blood. Also, in 2020, the government is using local art pieces created by a local Salvadoran artist to attract tourism back into the country.

Ilobasco El Salvador

8. The historic buildings and churches.

Another reason to visit El Salvador is to explore the unique buildings and churches. These beautiful structures have a great history.

In San Salvador, you will find fantastic government buildings and intriguing churches for you to explore. The majority of these buildings are at the historic downtown center.

The most popular and unique colonial-style churches are in smaller towns. Make it a day, visit one of these small towns, explore the local church, and participate in all the local activities.

El Salvador Capital
San Salvador. Photo By: Idea SV

9. The cost of visiting El Salvador is low.

El Salvador is not an expensive country to visit. Airfare is usually the item that will cost travelers the most; nonetheless, this cost can be reduced by not flying direct and during non-peak traveling days.

There are options available to visitors regarding the reduction of other expenses, such as accommodations and food.

If you are traveling on a budget, you can find low-cost, safe accommodations for about $30 per night at the capital; or $10 per night at a beach town like El Tunco or El Zonte. Now, if money is not an issue, you can stay at fancy hotels that can cost you upwards of $150 or more per night.

Food is another item that is not expensive; unless you want to eat at a proper restaurant. You can eat a typical meal in local markets for a cost between $2.50 to $6.00, including a drink.

The cost associated with visiting El Salvador will depend on you and what you are looking for. The good news is that there are options available.

10- Salvadorans are friendly people.

You might not know it because of what you hear on the news about El Salvador. But, Salvadorans are one of the most friendly and hospitable people on the planet.

Salvadorans are passionate about the country and eager to share everything with you. Their knowledge of things, their home, their friendship, and if it comes down to it, some of them might even share half their beer.

I am Salvadoran; I enjoy reading articles or watching videos of what visitors say about Salvadorian people.

Why visit El Salvador?

You should visit El Salvador because of the tropical beaches, the unique colorful towns, the excellent ecotourism activities, the archaeological sites, and many other reasons.

El Salvador Tourism is in a developing stage and getting better every year. As it is now, it has elements that will please some visitors; however, it also has some things that will not make visitors happy. This is the reality of El Salvador’s tourism today.

Take a chance and visit El Salvador; this small tropical country in Central America is waiting for you.

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