El Salvador Culture

El Salvador holidays and celebrations

El Salvador Holidays and Celebrations: A Year-Round Journey Through El Salvador’s Cultural Calendar

The Salvadoran holidays and celebrations reflect the country’s heritage and traditions. From colorful festivals like Semana Santa to patriotic Independence Day festivities, these events offer a glimpse into the nation’s traditions and passion for celebration. El Salvador Holidays and Celebrations include events such as Holy Week, the Day of the … Read more

Christmas in El Salvador

Exploring Christmas in El Salvador, the Heartwarming Spirit of Navidad in El Salvador

Christmas in El Salvador is celebrated on December 24th and 25th. It is a holiday rich with festive customs and traditions that Salvadoran families enjoy. Christmas rituals vary from family to family but include family gatherings, holiday foods, fireworks, a Christmas tree, and a nativity scene display. Salvadorans celebrate Christmas … Read more

The San Miguel Carnival in El Salvador

The San Miguel Carnival in El Salvador: Discover the Vibrant Traditions of this Colorful Fiesta!

The San Miguel Carnival in El Salvador is on November 25, 2023, the last Saturday in November; it begins at 10 p.m. and runs until the following morning. During the carnival, the main streets of San Miguel are packed with visitors enjoying the different types of musical events and other … Read more

El Salvador National Library

El Salvador National Library: Preserving the Past, Inspiring the Future!

Located in the vibrant heart of San Salvador, the the National Library stand as a beacon of knowledge and culture. El Salvador’s new library will preserve the literary heritage of El Salvador while embracing modern technology and fostering a love for reading and learning. The National Library was a donation … Read more

National Pupusa Day El Salvador

National Pupusa Day: Exploring the Heart of El Salvador’s Culinary Heritage

National Pupusa Day 2023 is a Salvadoran national holiday celebrated on November 12, 2023, the second Sunday in November. The National Day of Pupusas pays tribute to one of the country’s most beloved culinary treasures: the pupusa. This festive day brings together communities to indulge in these delicious stuffed corn … Read more

Miss Universe El Salvador 2023

2023 Miss Universe El Salvador Candidates continue to Explore El Salvador

The candidates for Miss Universe 2023 continued to explore El Salvador; they took a night tour through the main streets of San Salvador to different destinations. The candidates departed from the Divino Salvador del Mundo square aboard a conga bus and visited different Salvadoran cultural landmarks in the downtown historic … Read more

El Salvador Drinks

El Salvador Drinks: A Guide to 10 Salvadoran Drinks Worth Trying!

El Salvador boasts a captivating array of beverages that mirror its cultural richness. El Salvador drinks, both traditional and contemporary, serve as a delicious gateway to exploring the nation’s culinary traditions and flavors. El Salvador Drinks! Salvadoran drinks include Horchata de Morro, Chaparro or Chicha liquor, tropical juices, different types … Read more