Life in El Salvador

Nayib Bukele security plan

President Nayib Bukele Security Plan. “Territorial Control Plan”

President Nayib Bukele security plan or Territorial control plan has seven phases; the first phase focuses on gaining control of the Salvadoran territory. Bukele’s other three phases’ objectives are the social reconstruction of communities, the modernizing of the police, and the incursion of police and army personal into gang-controlled areas. Phase one of Nayib Bukele … Read more

President Nayib Bukele approval Rating

Nayib Bukele approval rating. See the Latest Poll Results

According to all the surveys, President Nayib Bukele’s approval rating is over 75 percent since becoming president in June 2019. In all the surveys conducted since taking office, Bukele has received a rating or score of over 75 percent. Bukele’s approval rating is one of … Read more

Coronavirus in El Salvador

Coronavirus El Salvador. “August 31st, 2021 Update”

In August 2021, the number of COVID-19 confirmed cases increased to nearly 300 per day. Many attribute the increase to the popular August vacations. Cases Active Recovered Deaths August 2021 96,067 11,802 81,339 2,926 The good news for El Salvador is that the vaccination process continues to move at an even faster pace. 6,500,000Population 4,500,000Vaccination … Read more

Water Pollution in El Salvador

Water Pollution in El Salvador. Getting Worse Every Year

The water pollution in El Salvador is getting worse every year. A 2020 report by the Salvadoran Ministry of the Environment revealed that 71% of Salvadoran river waters are qualified as bad, and 7.4% as poor. The country has less drinkable water due to the contamination of rivers, lakes, ponds, streams, and wells. Every year … Read more

Cost of living in El Salvador

Cost of Living in El Salvador. How Expensive is it to Live in El Salvador?

The cost of living in El Salvador for a family of four, without rent, ranges from $1,000 to $2000. However, these ranges can go as low as $600 or higher than $2000. Circumstances such as living location and individual needs have a significant impact on determining the total cost. El Salvador’s cost of living for … Read more

Moving to El Salvador

Living in El Salvador. Top Reasons for Moving to El Salvador

Living in El Salvador is the right choice; every year, many people from different nations choose to make El Salvador their new home. Life in El Salvador is a unique and attractive experience worth exploring. Moving to El Salvador is a good option mainly because of the excellent tropical weather, the low cost of living, … Read more

Iris Violeta Foundation

Iris Violeta Foundation hosts lunch for kids with chronic kidney disease and their families

Yesterday August 1, in San Salvador, the Iris Violeta foundation hosted a lunch for kids with chronic kidney disease and their families. This lunch was to show support for the patients and their families. The lunch was hosted by Otilia Santos, president of the foundation. Hosting these lunches for these kids and their families is … Read more