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February 2024: The Safest Month in El Salvador in Over Four Decades

Based on homicides, February 2024 is the safest month in El Salvador in over 40-plus years. February 2024 ended with six homicides for a 0.21 daily rate; additionally, it achieved 24 days with zero homicides. February ended with two fewer homicides than July 2023, the previous record holder. July 2023 … Read more

Days without homicides in El Salvador

49 Days Without Homicides in El Salvador Thus Far in 2024, Five More Than the Same 2023 Period

Thus far in 2024, there have been 49 days without homicides in El Salvador; also, the country has achieved over 525 in total under the Bukele administration. It is an impressive achievement, considering that before the Nayib Bukele Presidency, El Salvador had experienced less than five days without homicides in … Read more

El Salvador Homicide Rate

Thus Far in 2024, El Salvador’s Homicide Rate Is 0.26 per Day or 1.5 Homicides per Every 100,000 Inhabitants

El Salvador starts 2024 with lower homicide numbers than last year; as of March 2, 2024, the country’s homicide rate stands at 0.26 per day or 1.5 homicides per every 100,000 inhabitants. Furthermore, thus far this year, El Salvador has achieved 49 days with zero homicides. In 2023, El Salvador’s … Read more

Presidents of El Salvador

Presidents of El Salvador (1989 to 2023): A Historical Dive into the Salvadoran Presidents

El Salvador, a country with a diverse political history, has been steered by presidents who have influenced its course, for better or worse. From controversial figures to modern leaders, each president has been instrumental in shaping the nation’s development and evolution. El Salvadoran presidents serve a five-year term, securing office … Read more

Nayib Bukele’s territorial control plan

Nayib Bukele’s Territorial Control Plan: Transforming El Salvador’s Security Landscape

Under President Nayib Bukele’s government, El Salvador has witnessed a remarkable transformation in its security landscape. The administration’s severe security measures have effectively bolstered safety and instilled greater confidence among the population. Nayib Bukele’s territorial control plan is one of the strategies! Nayib Bukele’s territorial control plan consists of seven … Read more

Salvadoran deputy Claudia Ortiz

Deputy Claudia Ortiz: Looking to Build a Political Alternative to Bukele and His Political Party

Surrounded by friends and members of the VAMOS political party, Deputy Claudia Ortiz announced that she had been re-elected as a deputy for the San Salvador department for the 2024-2027 legislative term. I want to tell you that despite all the irregularities that we have denounced, all the grave anomalies, … Read more

El Salvador’s basic food basket cost

El Salvador’s Basic Food Basket Cost in 2024 is $256.74 in Urban Areas

El Salvador’s basic food basket cost per family is $256.74 for the urban sector and $185.12 for rural areas. The Salvadoran essential food basket cost in urban areas is about 27.9% more expensive than in the rural sector. One of the principal worries Salvadorans have entering 2024 is the high … Read more