Nayib Bukele approval rate is 91%. What should the opposition do?

December 10th, 2019

Nayib Bukele Approval. In the latest poll done by CD Gallup, Nayib Bukele came up with a 91% approval rate, 6% didn’t respond, and 3% disapproved of his job performance. With such a high approval rate, what should the opposition do? Common sense dictates that it’s hard to go against this approval rate.

The poll was conducted between December 2nd and 8th, it included 1200 Salvadorans over 18th years old who live in the country.

Nayib Bukele’s opposition.

Just to be skeptical about this approval rate, it’s important to point out that he has been in office for only six months.

Some people believe that this is the honeymoon period and he can’t do no wrong. On the other hand, some people believe that in six months, he has done more for El Salvador than previous administrations.

It’s up to each one of us to decide if he has done an excellent job or not. But with this approval rates, what should the opposition do?

ARENA, Nationalist Republican Alliance vs Nayib Bukele Approval.

ARENA is the most substantial opposition President Bukele has a the moment. They have the majority of Diputados at the country’s legislative assembly.

The issue with ARENA at this moment is that they are in turmoil, starting with the party’s president Gustavo Lopez who is being accused of fraud against the Salvadoran ARMY.

Then there is Norman Quijano, the most voted Diputado that this party ever had, at the moment he is fighting allegations that he paid gang members in exchange for votes. So, Norman Quijano’s credibility is in question.

Gustavo Lopez and Norman Quijano have not been charged with any wrongdoing, they are just being investigating over these allegations.

So, what should ARENA do against such approval rate? That is the question with no easy answer.

FMLN, left-wing political party vs Nayib Bukele Approval.

It’s hard to pinpoint what the FMLN’s strategy is at the moment, or maybe I am just not seeing it.

It seems that they are trying to make Nayib Bukele look bad at any cost. One of FMLN’s Diputado, El Diablito Ruiz, believes that as the president numbers go down, the numbers for the FMLN will go up.

Furthermore, he believes that Nayib Bukele is taking credit for what the previous administration did.

So, what should the FMLN do? Another question with no easy answer.

The Other political parties

The other political parties, such as PCN and GANA, are supporting the president and his administration. It seems that they see the approval rate and don’t want to go against it.

What should the opposition do?

In my personal opinion, the opposition needs to be smarter; right now their opposition is based on simply trying to make the president look bad.

Something that might cost them on the 2021 elections as I don’t see the president’s approval rate going down anytime soon.

If you think of something the opposition can do, you can send them a message via twitter. @FMLNoficial or @ARENAOFICIAL

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