Guazapa volcano in El Salvador

Guazapa Volcano El Salvador. Mountain volcano near Suchitoto.

Guazapa volcano in El Salvador is a long eroded stratovolcano in the departments of San Salvador and Cuscatlan. Guazapa’s highest elevation is 1,435 meters above sea level. The volcano has no visible crater and is covered with a tropical dry forest with an ecosystem of plants, birds, and wild animals. Guazapa Volcano is also known … Read more

Santa Ana volcano in El Salvador

Santa Ana Volcano in El Salvador. Ilamatepec Volcano

The Santa Ana Volcano in El Salvador is an active stratovolcano located in the department of Santa Ana; this volcano is the highest in the country at about 7812 feet above sea level. This majestic volcano, also called Ilamatepec Volcano, is a top touristic destination for foreigners and locals alike. This large stratovolcano is located … Read more

San Salvador Volcano

The San Salvador Volcano. Iconic background of the Nation’s capital.

The San Salvador volcano is a stratovolcano located in the northwest part of the capital city. The San Salvador volcano, also known as Quezaltepeque or El Boqueron, covers the municipalities of Quezaltepeque, San Juan Opico, Colon, and Santa Tecla in La Libertad. Also, Nejapa in the department of San Salvador. This fantastic stratovolcano is one … Read more

San Vicente Volcano

San Vicente Volcano El Salvador or Chichontepec Volcano.

The San Vicente volcano El Salvador is a twin-peaked stratovolcano, also known as Chichontepec or Las Chiches volcano; it is located in the central region of the country, next to the town of San Vicente. This stratovolcano is the second-highest volcano in El Salvador, next to the Santa Ana volcano. In the indigenous Nahuat language, … Read more

Conchagua Volcano

Conchagua Volcano El Salvador. Overlooking the Fonseca Gulf.

Conchagua volcano in El Salvador is an eroded stratovolcano located on the western side of the Gulf of Fonseca; it has one of the most beautiful views of the Salvadoran coast. From the Conchagua volcano, you can see the Gulf of Fonseca and its islands, such as Perico, Conejo, Conchaguita, Meanguera del Golfo, Zacatillo, Chuchito, … Read more

Chaparrastique Volcano

Chaparrastique Volcano in San Miguel, El Salvador.

Chaparrastique volcano in El Salvador, also known as Volcan de San Miguel, is a beautiful stratovolcano located in the eastern part of the country, near the third-largest city in the nation, San Miguel. This amazing stratovolcano has been characterized for having small magnitude volcanic activity over its existence. Over the last 320 or so years, … Read more

Izalco Volcano

Izalco Volcano El Salvador. The Lighthouse of the Pacific.

Izalco volcano El Salvador is a massive stratovolcano located in the department of Santa Ana. Izalco volcano, also known as the lighthouse of the Pacific, is part of the Cerro Verde National Park that includes two other volcanoes, Santa Ana and Cero Verde. This volcano is considered as one of the youngest volcanoes in the … Read more