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Thank you for visiting El Salvador INFO, this is a website with information about tourism in El Salvador. This country is the smallest in Central America and one of the less-visited; however, the nation has excellent touristic spots for visitors to tour and enjoy.

What to do in El Salvador?

El Salvador has plenty of activities, some of the most popular are; visiting tropical beaches, surfing one of the best spots in Central America, hike one of the many majestic volcanos, explore colonial towns, visit archeological sites, get in touch with nature at the national parks, and so much more.

Start here with our El Salvador INFO travel guide, see what the country has to offer.

Is El Salvador safe to visit?

Undeniably, El Salvador has a bad reputation around the world as being violent and crime-ridden; however, this is not true of the entire country. To answer the question, yes, El Salvador is safe to visit; but you need to be more careful and use common sense.

The most compelling evidence that El Salvador is safe to visit are the people who have visited the country. Every year, many tourists visit El Salvador and leave with a sense that El Salvador is a safe place for tourist.

If you need more information about safety in El Salvador, visit the following page, “Is El Salvador safe to visit?

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