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El Salvador. The smallest country in the American Continent

El Salvador, the smallest country in Latin America, has vast tourism, great culture, and friendly people. El Salvador is also known as the land of volcanoes or the thumb of the Americas (El Pulgarcito de America.)

The country has an outstanding culture with great customs and traditions, such as the day of the cross, the Holy week, and the San Miguel Carnival. It also has plenty of tourist locations, for instance, the Cerro Verde National Park, the San Salvador Historic District, and wonderful beaches.

San Salvador, El Salvador Capital City.

San Salvador, El Salvador’s Capital City, is the largest urban area in the country. The Capital city is ideal for visiting or living; it has culture, tourism, and shopping; it is also the hub for government offices, large companies, and foreign entities.

The city of San Salvador is the ideal location for spending time as a tourist or making it a permanent residence. There is plenty to do and see in this city. The city has diverse cuisine options, great shopping, and excellent nightlife. It also has museums, iconic historic churches, well-known plazas, and famous buildings.

Get to know El Salvador

Surf spots in El Salvador

The best surf spots in El Salvador. Do you know them?

The best surf spots in El Salvador are El Tunco, El Zonte, Punta Roca, El Sunzal, Las Flores, Punta Mango, and Mizata. These surf spots are visited by local and foreign surfers looking to ride some of the best right-hand point breaks in the region. It is not a secret … Read more

What is El Salvador Known for

What is El Salvador best known for worldwide in 2023?

El Salvador is best known worldwide for the tasty Pupusas, the excellent surf spots, President Nayib Bukele, the volcanoes, and Bitcoin. Regrettably, El Salvador is also famous worldwide for its gangs, violence, and extensive migration. With a land of 21,041km², El Salvador is the smallest country in the American continent … Read more

Best small towns in El Salvador

10 of the Best Small Towns in El Salvador to Visit Anytime

The small towns in El Salvador offer visitors a combination of modern amenities in a colonial setting that fully displays the country’s history and culture. In these towns, visitors can see glimpses of the country’s past, such as the colonial times and, most recently, the armed conflict of the 1980s. … Read more

best beaches in El Salvador

14 Best Beaches in El Salvador. Discovering El Salvador’s Best Beaches!

The best beaches in El Salvador are La Costa del Sol, El Cuco, El Tunco, La Libertad, El Zonte, San Diego, El Sunzal, Los Cobanos, El Espino, and El Majahual. Also, Las Flores, Barra de Santiago, Punta Roca, and Mizata. El Salvador beaches welcome all visitors, surfers, families, couples, singles, … Read more

Is El Salvador Safe to visit

Is El Salvador Safe to Visit in 2023? A Comprehensive Safety Guide for Travelers

Yes, it is! Despite all the historical crime and violence, which don’t affect tourists, El Salvador is safe to visit in 2023. El Salvador used to have a high crime rate, but that is not the case anymore. Violence in the country has declined to its lowest level in over … Read more

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