El Salvador Tourism

El Boqueron National Park in El Salvador.

El Boqueron National Park: A Natural Paradise Overlooking El Salvador’s Capital City

El Boqueron National Park is located at the top of the San Salvador volcano. El Boqueron is a protected area with diverse flora and fauna on the outskirts of the nation’s capital, about 23 kilometers from the San Salvador historic district. This volcano sanctuary boasts breathtaking landscapes, lush forests, and … Read more

Surf Tournaments in El Salvador

2023 Surf Tournaments in El Salvador. The ALAS Surf City El Salvador Pro is Next!

Once again, the 2023 Surf Tournaments in El Salvador have brought attention to the excellent Salvadoran surfing spots and the Surf City El Salvador project. This year, the country has hosted five top-level international surf tournaments. The ALAS Surf City El Salvador Pro is next and will be the last … Read more

best beaches in El Salvador

14 Best Beaches in El Salvador. Discovering El Salvador’s Best Beaches!

The best beaches in El Salvador are La Costa del Sol, El Cuco, El Tunco, La Libertad, El Zonte, San Diego, El Sunzal, Los Cobanos, El Espino, and El Majahual. Also, Las Flores, Barra de Santiago, Punta Roca, and Mizata. El Salvador beaches welcome all visitors, surfers, families, couples, singles, … Read more

Traveling to El Salvador with Tattoos

Traveling to El Salvador with Tattoos, Should you be Worried?

Many visitors wonder if traveling to El Salvador with tattoos is going to be a problem; some wonder if they should take extra precautions when visiting or not visit the country at all. Traveling to El Salvador with tattoos should not be a concern for almost everyone who visits and … Read more

Is El Salvador Safe to visit

Is El Salvador Safe to Visit in 2023? A Comprehensive Safety Guide for Travelers

Yes, it is! Despite all the historical crime and violence, which don’t affect tourists, El Salvador is safe to visit in 2023. El Salvador used to have a high crime rate, but that is not the case anymore. Violence in the country has declined to its lowest level in over … Read more

Cerro Verde National Park El Salvador

Cerro Verde National Park El Salvador: Explore the Natural Beauty of these Iconic Volcanoes!

Cerro Verde National Park in El Salvador is a breathtaking natural area with three iconic volcanoes: Izalco, Santa Ana, and Cerro Verde. This protected national park offers visitors a glimpse into Central America’s rich biodiversity and the opportunity to explore pristine wilderness amid volcanic wonders. The Cerro Verde National Park … Read more

Tourism to El Salvador

Tourism to El Salvador increases! Over 2.2 million international tourists have visited this year

Morena Valdez, the Salvadoran Minister of Tourism, communicated during a press conference that until August 2023, El Salvador has received over 2.2 million visitors, mainly from the United States, Guatemala, and Honduras. According to our stats, until August of this year, we have reached 2.2 million visitors, equivalent to more … Read more