Lake Suchitlan in El Salvador

Lake Suchitlan in El Salvador, Exploring a Unique Wonder of El Salvador

| Apr 28th, 2023

Lake Suchitlan is an artificial lake part of Rio Lempa, one of the most recognizable rivers in El Salvador. Suchitlan Lake is a natural habitat for many species of birds and fish; additionally, it has extensive flora and fauna growing and living in and around the lake. Suchitlan Lake is … Read more

Apastepeque Lagoon

Apastepeque Lagoon El Salvador. A Tourist Treasure Worth Seeing

| Jan 31st, 2022

The Apastepeque Lagoon is in the north-central part of the Department of San Vicente in the Santa Clara municipality, about 63 kilometers from the capital city and 65 kilometers from the international airport. The Apastepeque lagoon is of volcanic origin; it is a natural place that offers tourists a fun … Read more

Conchagua Volcano El Salvador

Conchagua Volcano El Salvador. Overlooking the Fonseca Gulf.

| Dec 4th, 2021

The Conchagua volcano in El Salvador is a stratovolcano located on the western side of the Gulf of Fonseca at 1,242 meters above sea level. Conchagua is in the department of La Union, about 192 kilometers from San Salvador and almost 171 kilometers from the international airport. Conchagua has one … Read more

Santa Ana Volcano El Salvador

The Santa Ana Volcano in El Salvador or Ilamatepec Volcano

| Nov 3rd, 2021

The Santa Ana Volcano in El Salvador is an active stratovolcano located in the department of Santa Ana; it is the highest in the country at about 7812 feet above sea level. The Santa Ana stratovolcano is located about 43 kilometers from the city of Santa Ana and about 65 … Read more

Volcanoes in El Salvador

Exploring Volcanoes in El Salvador: A Journey Through the Land of Volcanoes

The volcanoes in El Salvador range from towering stratovolcanoes such as Izalco, Santa Ana, San Vicente, and Chaparrastique; to eroded volcanoes resembling a mountain such as Guazapa and Cerro Verde. El Salvador is called the land of volcanoes because it has 170 volcanoes in its territory and lies in the … Read more