Moving to El Salvador. Here is why some people choose to do it.

Moving to El Salvador
 August 5, 2020   By Eddie Galdamez

Moving to El Salvador is a good option because of the excellent tropical weather, the low cost of living, the pacific ocean beaches, the unique culture, and the friendly people. Every year, many people, from different nations, choose this option and make El Salvador their new home.

Many people discard moving to El Salvador because of the reputation the country has around the world. Yes, El Salvador has a reputation for being violent and crime-ridden, a distinction that can’t be denied. Nonetheless, the country has some excellent qualities as well.

San Salvador El Salvador Capital

Is El Salvador a good place to live? Yes, it is, for many different reasons! Here, I am going to share with you a few of those reasons that might shed light on why moving to El Salvador might be a good idea.

These are positive reasons only; by all means, negative reasons not to move to El Salvador, do exist. I will cover them at a later time.

Moving to El Salvador because of the cost of living.

The cost of living in El Salvador is less than in other countries in Central America, with similar characteristics. For instance, countries like Costa Rica and Panama, which are the favorite nations to move to in Central America, are more expensive than El Salvador.

Obviously, both Costa Rica and Panama are more developed than El Salvador; therefore, the cost of living is higher than in El Salvador.

On the other hand, countries like Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua are somewhat less expensive than El Salvador.

To illustrate that the cost of living in El Salvador is not the most expensive in Central America. I will use the largest cities in each country as an example.

According to, the Cost of Living Index in the largest cities in Central America are as follows.

R City Index
1st Panama city, Panama 109
2nd Belize city, Belize 107
3rd San Jose, costa Rica 106
4th San Salvador, El Salvador 90
5th Tegucigalpa, Honduras 81
6th Guatemala City, Guatemala 81
7th Managua, Nicaragua 72

As you can see, San Salvador is in the middle, it’s not the cheapest or the most expensive.

El Salvador cost of living.

So, what is the cost of living in El Salvador? Well, it varies depending on what part of the country you live in and what your lifestyle is.

In El Salvador, you can live comfortably with $1,000 per month. Evidently, in more upscale areas of cities like San Salvador or Santa Tecla, you will definitely need more than $1,000 per month.

The cost of living in El Salvador is relative to the area you want to call home, and the lifestyle you want to have. Visit our “Cost of living in El Salvador” page to get more details about the cost of living. Also, you can tale a look at our post on the best places to live in El Salvador.

If moving to El Salvador is an option you are considering. It will be up to you to decide if the reasons as to why El Salvador is cheaper are enough for you not to move to El Salvador.

The Weather. A good reason for living in El Salvador.

Many people chose to live in El Salvador because of the climate. It is tropical weather that can be enjoyed the entire year, even during the winter or rainy season.

The country has two seasons, dry or summer and wet or winter; the dry season is from November to April and the wet season from May to October.

A good thing about El Salvador is that you can enjoy the same activities the entire year; it does not matter if it’s summer or winter. The ventures might be slightly different in each season, but still the same.

For example, you can go to the beach during the summer or winter, the only difference is that it could rain during the wet season; nonetheless, the weather will still be pleasant. Also, you can visit one of the national parks during summer or winter, and the weather will still be enjoyable.

Without a doubt, the Salvadoran tropical weather is a good reason for living in El Salvador or moving to El Salvador.

Living in El Salvador
Sunset at a Salvadoran beach.

The activities.

Activities in El Salvador are plentiful and can be done at any point during the year; It will be up to you to decide how active or inactive you want to be.

It will not matter where in the country you decide to live as there will be plenty of activities to do near you. For instance, you can go hiking in a natural park or volcano at any time. Also, you can go to the beach and enjoy the activities.

El Salvador is home to astounding natural parks, which are not hard to get to; El Boqueron National Park and Bicentennial Park are located near the capital. Additionally, Los Volcanos National Park, one of the best in the country, is located about 40 miles from the capital.

Furthermore, There are excellent beaches all over the coastal territory for all types of visitors. The country has beaches perfect for relaxation and family activities. Additionally, the top surfing spots in El Salvador are some of the best in Central America.

As you can see, finding something to do in El Salvador is not an issue. The activities are a top reason as to why people chose to move to El Salvador.

Customs and Cultural Traditions.

This might not be the top reason for moving to El Salvador, but living in a country with excellent Customs and traditions is nice. These customs and traditions are celebrated at a national level or local level.

At a national level, I can mention the following festivities, Easter weekend, the August festivities, independence day, and all soul’s day, Christmas, and new years.

Locally, each city has its own festivities or traditions; they go on for a few days to a few weeks. The San Miguel festivities in November, the Santa Ana festivities in July, and the San Salvador festivities in August are some of the most popular.

Almost all the festivities involve religion in one way or another, this is due in large part to the country’s history. It’s a fact that religion, especially Catholicism, has played a pivotal role in the history of the nation.

Even if you are not into religion, you can always enjoy the festivities. Each festivities have activities provided towards nonreligious people like carnivals, live music, local food, etc.

In the end, it will be up to decide if customs and traditions are a good reason for moving to El Salvador.

Moving to El Salvador
El Tunco Beach.

Moving to El Salvador and getting to know friendly people.

Salvadorans are one of the warmest and friendliest people in Central America; yes, that is correct. You don’t need to only take my word for it, you can search online and see what visitors and residents have to say about the Salvadoran people.

Generally, tourists who have visited the country say pleasant things about the people. Also, foreigners who have lived and left the country don’t mention the Salvadoran people as the reason for moving out.

Because in the news, the country is displayed as being violent and crime-ridden, some people may think all Salvadorans are violent. But, that is further from the truth.

The vast majority of Salvadorans are family and community-oriented people; they go out of their way to introduce themselves and offer help to anyone moving into the community, especially foreigners.

Living around friendly people is a good reason for moving to El Salvador.

What is like to live in El Salvador?

Well, that will depend on what type of life you want to live. For example, I know foreigners who love living near the ocean, their daily routine includes surfing, exploring the country, and hitting the bars for happy hour.

On the other hand, I know a couple who lives in Juayua, a small colorful town up in the mountain. They enjoy the slow pace of life and the weather. Their daily routine includes enjoying the community, drinking locally produced coffee in the afternoon, and relax the mountainous climate.

Living in El Salvador is all about how you want to live; you have options to live in an urban environment like San Salvador, live at the beach in El Tunco, or relax at a small town like Apaneca or Juayua.

Is it safe to live in El Salvador?

El Salvador has a lot of problems with crime and violence, the good news is that they are segregated to specific areas of the country.

Obviously, before moving to El Salvador, make sure you do your research and find out everything about the area you want to move to and also the surrounded areas.

If you want more safety information, please read the following; is el Salvador safe? And President Nayib Bukele’s security plan. Those two posts will give more insights about safety in El Salvador.

Moving to El Salvador. Chosing to live in El Salvador.

Now, for those of you, who are thinking about moving to El Salvador, I hope the reasons I mentioned in this article help you in making a decision.

Remember, El Salvador has some issues, but it’s a great country to call home, a lot of people have chosen to move to El Salvador and are happy with their decisions.

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