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Lake Ilopango El Salvador

Lake Ilopango El Salvador, iconic active volcanic caldera

Lake Ilopango El Salvador is an active caldera lake located just outside the capital city, San Salvador. Ilopango lake is 72 square kilometers and has a max depth of 248 meters; it is excellent for diving, sailing, fishing, and water activities. Lake Ilopango borders the departments of San Salvador, La Paz, and Cuscatlan. This volcanic … Read more

Lake Guija El Salvador

Lake Guija El Salvador. Part of El Salvador’s Mayan History.

Lake Guija El Salvador is a magnificent binational lake, of volcanic origin, shared between the countries of El Salvador and Guatemala. The iconic lake has an area of about 45 square kilometers, 32 of which belong to El Salvador, and the rest to Guatemala. According to historians, the lake was created by the San Diego … Read more

Lakes in El Salvador

Lakes in El Salvador. Explore these natural wonders.

Lakes in El Salvador, such as Coatepeque, Ilopango, Guija, and Suchitlan, are a combination of astonishing volcanic calderas and a magnificent man-made lake. Visiting and exploring these lakes is a top thing to do in the country, either by locals or foreigners looking for fun activities to enjoy and experience. The most well-known lakes in … Read more

Lake Coatepeque

Lake Coatepeque, volcanic caldera in El Salvador.

Lake Coatepeque in El Salvador is a beautiful caldera of volcanic origin located in the department of Santa Ana; the lake is surrounded by dense forest and beautiful landscape. This stunning lake is a popular destination for local and foreign tourists looking for a great place to relax and enjoy with family or friends. This … Read more

Lake Suchitlan El Salvador

Lake Suchitlan, iconic artificial lake in El Salvador.

Lake Suchitlan in El Salvador is an astonishing artificial lake formed in 1976 as a result of the construction of the Cerron Grande Hydroelectric Power Plant. The lake sits near the colorful town of Suchitoto and is popular with tourists visiting Suchitoto and other cities nearby. Lake Suchitlan is part of Rio Lempa, one of … Read more