What are the most famous buildings in El Salvador?

Famous Buildings El Salvador
El Salvador’s National Theater.

The most famous buildings in El Salvador are the National Palace, the National Theater, The Santa Ana Theater, the Presidential home or CAPRES, and the Legislative Assembly building. These buildings are significant for different reasons, such as their history and the role they played or continue to play within the country.

On this list, I left out churches, archeological sites, and other famous landmarks in El Salvador. Let me explain why I choose to leave them out!


By far, churches are some of the best and most beautiful buildings in El Salvador; they are popular because of the history they hold or the way they look.

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Archaeological sites.

Even though archaeological structures are, in fact, buildings, just like churches, they deserve their own post. For that reason, I wrote, “Mayan Ruins in El Salvador.” I hope you like it.

Landmarks in El Salvador.

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5 of the most famous buildings in El Salvador.

The following are five of the most famous buildings in El Salvador. I used my own criteria to come out with the list, such as how well-known they are, and how important to the country they are. They are not listed in any particular order.

1- National Palace.

El Salvador does not have a monarchy, but it has a National Palace. The beautiful Salvadoran National Palace was built between the years 1905 to 1911. Engineers Jose Emilio Alcaine and Pascasio González Erazo are credited with this work.

The National Palace combines neo-Gothic, neoclassical, and Renaissance details. This famous building in El Salvador was declared a National Monument in 1980.

Many decorative details add to the beauty of this building. For example, the main door is guarded by two lions, one on each entrance pillar.

Furthermore, there are seven different female faces on the arches of the seven windows of the right and left sections of the building. According to historian Israel Cortez, they represent muses or the main goddesses of the Greco-Roman mythology.

This building is definitely worth visiting, it has astonishing architecture and impressive history. Visit the San Salvador historic district and stop by the National Palace.

The National Palace
The National Palace.

2- National Theater.

The San Salvador National Theater is located in the downtown historic district, near the National Palace. This structure, built in a French Renaissance style, is one of the most significant buildings in the country.

The National Theater of El Salvador is the oldest in Central America. Workers began construction of the theater in 1911. French architect Daniel Beylard was the person in charge of the building, and Italian architect Lucio Cappellaro decorated it.

The National Theater is one of the most recognized buildings in the country; so, if you ever have the chance, visit the theater!

National Theater
National Theater

3- Santa Ana Theater.

The Santa Ana theater is another famous building in El Salvador. This theater was built between 1902 and 1910. It is located in the downtown center of the city of Santa Ana. Furthermore, the Cathedral of Santa Ana, a historic church, is located near the theater.

The National Theater of Santa Ana has more than a hundred years of astonishing Salvadoran history enclose in its walls.

The building itself is a combination of various architectural styles such as Romanesque, Greek, Greco-Roman, and Renaissance. The Santa Ana theater is definitely a famous building in El Salvador that you should visit.

Santa Ana Theater
Phot by: Mariordo.

4- Presidential House, CAPRES.

The presidential house is yet another famous building in El Salvador. Even though the building is called the presidential home, the president of El Salvador does not reside in it. This building is used as the main office for the president, the vice-president, and his cabinet.

One of the most significant areas of this building is the honor room; here is where conferences and receptions are held, and also where leaders are awarded the main decorations of the country.

This room has three distinctive paintings, which were transferred from the old presidential home in San Jacinto; they are portraits of José Matías Delgado, Manuel José Arce, and Gerardo Barrios; three of the most influential people in Salvadoran history.

The presidential home or CAPRES is famous because of its history, the people who use it, and its influence in the country.

CAPRES or Presidential House.

5- Legislative Assembly building.

The Legislative Assembly building is home to the Salvadoran congress. In this building, 84 individuals, elected by the population, are in charge of creating laws and help govern the country.

Even though the Diputados or Congressmen are not popular with the majority of people in El Salvador, the building itself is famous because of the role it plays in governing.

El Salvador Legislative Assembly
Legislative Assembly building

Famous buildings in El Salvador.

Obviously, the country has other famous buildings that are not churches, archaeological sites, or landmarks.

The five buildings listed above are on my list because they are well-known by All Salvadorans and are of great importance to the nation.

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