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Surf City El Salvador

Surf City El Salvador, positioning El Salvador as a top tourist destination

Surf City El Salvador is a tourist project created by president Nayib Bukele to bring tourists to El Salvador. Surf City focuses on showcasing the fantastic Salvadoran surf spots and beautiful beaches. Furthermore, it is intended to make the … Read more

things to do in San Salvador

Five things to do in San Salvador, get to know them today!

Some of the best things to do in San Salvador are to visit the historic district, explore the historic buildings, visit a museum, taste the local gastronomy, and go shopping. San Salvador, the nation’s capital, is a city that … Read more

El Salvador handicrafts

El Salvador crafts. Get them at the El Salvador Arts and Crafts route.

The El Salvador traditional crafts are made mostly at small colorful towns that aim to show Salvadoran culture and religion. El Salvador crafts are well known all over Central America and in many countries around the world. Making El … Read more

Is El Salvador Safe

Is El Salvador safe to visit in 2021? Safety in El Salvador.

Is El Salvador safe to visit for foreigners? Absolutely, YES! However, that doesn’t mean that you can ignore safety recommendations and avoid taking extra precautions. El Salvador’s safety is all about practicing common sense, making smart decisions, and following … Read more

Reasons to visit El Salvador

10 reasons to visit El Salvador in 2021. Get to know them!

El Salvador is a small Central American country with exceptional charm and character. El Salvador is less touristy than its neighbors but is worth visiting. It has pristine beaches, impressive volcanoes, rich history, great culture, beautiful historic buildings, and … Read more

Scuba diving in El Salvador

Scuba diving in El Salvador. Get to know all the details here!

Scuba diving in El Salvador is possible at three locations, Lake Ilopango, Los Cobanos beach, and Coatepeque Lake. The Ilopango volcanic caldera is by far the most popular destination. When most people think about the warm Salvadoran waters, they … Read more

Traveling to El Salvador with tattoos

Traveling to El Salvador with tattoos, should you be worried?

Many visitors wonder if traveling to El Salvador with tattoos is going to be a problem; some wonder if they should take extra precautions when visiting or not visit the country at all. Traveling to El Salvador with tattoos … Read more

The Coffee Route in El Salvador

The Coffee Route in El Salvador. Enjoy a cup of local coffee.

The El Salvador coffee route consists of the best coffee plantations in El Salvador, which are located within the top coffee producing municipalities in the country. The best coffee beans in the country come from coffee farms found within … Read more

The peace route in El Salvador

Peace Route in El Salvador. Memorializing the civil war.

The peace route in el Salvador or Ruta de la Paz is a touristic route that takes you through many small towns in the department of Morazan, which played a significant role during the Salvadoran Armed conflict. The department … Read more

Top things to do in El Salvador

20 Top things to do in El Salvador, get to know them today!

The top things to do in El Salvador include hiking a volcano, surfing at an excellent beach, exploring a Mayan ruin, and visiting a few small colorful towns. Additionally, it involves visiting a National Park, touring a coffee plantation, … Read more