Eddie Galdamez

Eddie Galdamez is a bilingual Salvadoran newswriter, blogger, and web designer who enjoys writing about his country. His favorite topics include tourism, politics, culture, government, and overall life in El Salvador.

He spent a considerable part of his life outside of El Salvador, mostly in the United States but also in Japan. Eddie now lives in San Salvador, where he runs the El SalvadorINFO.net website.

Eddie Galdamez is a contributor writer for Global Voices and CentralAmerica.com. You can view the latest news articles and blog posts written by Eddie at the bottom of this page.

Eddie Galdamez.
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Latest NEWS articles by Eddie Galdamez

COVID-19 vaccines

All Salvadoran teachers will receive the COVID-19 vaccine before schools reopening

Last Saturday, President Nayib Bukele announced that starting tomorrow, Tuesday, the COVID-19 vaccination of public school teachers will start. “We will vaccinate all of our teachers before going back to school. We will start this Tuesday. Our goal is … Read more

Nayib Bukele

President Bukele’s post-legislative election message. “Our country changed forever”

Sunday night, President Nayib Bukele addressed the nation regarding the legislative elections of February 28. “Our country has changed forever,” declared the president in a nationally televised event. New Ideas, the political party created by Nayib Bukele, won 56 … Read more


Salvadoran prosecutors raid offices at the Legislative Assembly

On Tuesday, the Salvadoran Prosecutor’s Office began raiding the Legislative Assembly to investigate accusations that the parliamentary branch has employees who don’t show up to work but get paid. The raid began around noon on Tuesday at the Legislative’s … Read more

Legislative Assembly

Controversy regarding ghost employees at the Legislative Assembly increases in El Salvador

Controversy over ghost employees in the Legislative Assembly is increasing. The Legislative Assembly employees union made a public statement last week denouncing that half of the current employees do not show up to work but get paid. In less … Read more

Sigfrido Reyes property

FGR announces seizing of seven properties belonging to FMLN’s Sigfrido Reyes

The Salvadoran Attorney General’s Office (FGR) confirmed this Wednesday that it has proceeded to seize seven real estate properties belonging to FMLN’s Sigfrido Reyes, accused of corruption. The total worth of the properties is approximately more than $2 million, … Read more


Latest BLOG articles by Eddie Galdamez

Beaches in El Salvador

El Salvador beaches. Get to know the best beaches in El Salvador

The best beaches in El Salvador are La Costa del Sol, El Cuco, El Tunco, La Libertad, San Diego, El Espino, Los Cobanos, El Majahual, and Mizata. Choosing the best beaches in El Salvador is not easy; each beach … Read more

Water Pollution in El Salvador

Water pollution in El Salvador. Getting worse every year.

The water pollution in El Salvador is getting worse every year. The country has less drinkable water due to the contamination of rivers, lakes, ponds, streams, and wells. Every year more people are getting sick due to drinking non-potable … Read more

National Park Cerro Verde El Salvador

National Park Cerro Verde El Salvador, great for ecotourism

The National park Cerro Verde El Salvador is a natural protected area in western El Salvador. The Park has three volcanoes with a great climate and incredible views; two are stratovolcanoes, Izalco and Santa Ana, which visitors can hike … Read more

Nayib Bukele security plan

President Nayib Bukele security plan. “Territorial control plan”

President Nayib Bukele security plan or Territorial control plan has seven phases. The first three are focus on gaining control of the Salvadoran territory, the social reconstruction of communities, and the modernizing of the police. Phases four to seven … Read more

El Salvador political parties

El Salvador political parties.

El Salvador political parties belong to a multi-party system. This method allows the country to have multiple political parties across all the political spectrum; members of these political party’s are allowed to run for local and national elections. The … Read more