Eddie Galdamez.

My name is Eddie Galdamez, I am a Salvadoran who likes writing about everything that has to do with El Salvador, tourism, politics, life in El Salvador, and everything else.
Eddie Galdamez
I am not a professional writer and English is my second language; so, keep that in mind when reading my articles.

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Why write about El Salvador

My goal in writing about El Salvador is for the world to see a different side of the country, the part that not too many people see on the news.

Because of the reputation the country has around the world, many people think that El Salvador is a lawless land and that you will see crime all over, that is not the case.

Yes, El Salvador has violence and crime, but this crime and violence are secluded to specific areas of the country. El Salvador is by no means safe as Japan or Switzerland; but, I hope that one day we get to that level of safety.

About Eddie Galdamez

Childhood in El Salvador

I am Salvadoran by birth, I spent most of my childhood in this astonishing country. I was born in a rural area of the department of San Miguel, and to this day, I still have incredible memories of life in the countryside, the good and the bad.

And just like so many other Salvadorans, I lived in the country during the armed conflict of the 1980s. Because of the conflict and to avoid conflicted areas, I moved a lot. I consider myself lucky that the areas in which I resided during this time were peaceful.

My life in US

Just as many other Salvadorans have done, I moved to the US in the early 1990s. I spent about 25 years living in the US, and it was a fantastic time.

During my time in the US, I was able to learn English, make long-lasting friendships, and create fantastic memories.

Additionally, living in the US gave me a chance to meet people from other cultures and religions, it allowed me to learn and grow.

Life in El Salvador

I moved back to El Salvador in 2015, since then, I have been living and traveling, and working in this fascinating country.

During my time back in the country, and during my travels, I have seen in person that the country has problems with poverty, crime, and violence.

These issues are related because if you live in an impoverished area, you are more likely to encounter crime and violence. I hope that over time and with the new government, things change.

My life in El Salvador is not perfect by any means; but, I am lucky that I can travel and see what the country has to offer.