Salvadoran legislators start the process to remove Nayib Bukele from office.

By Eddie Galdamez  |  Tuesday, February 9th, 2021
Deputy Velasquez Parker
ARENA deputy Velasquez Parker. Photo by @elsalvador

On Tuesday, January 9th, the anniversary of the time Nayib Bukele entered the Salvadoran Legislative accompanied by military personal. Deputy Ricardo Velasquez Parker introduced a petition to have president Nayib Bukele remove from office.

The proposal entered by ARENA’s deputy, Ricardo Velásquez Parker, seeks to activate Article 131 of the Salvadoran Constitution and thereby declare the President’s mental incapacity and remove him from office.

Also, the FMLN requested that a Pretrial process be carried out against President Bukele and eliminate the constitutional jurisdiction that protects him. The ARENA-FMLN pact seeks to remove President Bukele before the February 28 elections in the face of imminent electoral defeat.

The FMLN initiative depends on the Salvadoran Attorney General, which makes it unlikely to happen. Velasquez Parker’s proposal is more achievable as it is up to the Legislative branch to start the process.

The idea of combine forces and remove Bukele from office has been promoted online by ex-president Mauricio Funes, who is living in Nicaragua, avoiding Salvadoran justice.

“To FMLN, ARENA, PDC: There is enough evidence to promote two initiatives against Nayib: One, a political trial for the military occupation of the Assembly and other crimes. Two, his disqualification due to his mental inability to govern.” Wrote Mauricio Funes on Twitter.

Suppose the Legislative Assembly political commission approves the Velasquez Parker proposal. In that case, the next step is for the Legislative branch to appoint doctors to evaluate President Bukele’s mental disability and then remove him from office.

According to article 131 of the constitution, the Legislative Assembly has the power to declare with a qualified majority (56 votes) the President’s physical or mental incapacity for the exercise of his office.

“I, as a patriot, have done my part invoking the Constitution in article 131, what is our faculty to evaluate.” Said Parker after introducing the petition.

President Bukele responded with the following: “It’s incredible, but also eye-opening, how the self-proclaimed “defenders of democracy” keep total silence at the intent of a parliamentary coup, just days before a democratic election in which every poll says they will lose more than 80% of their seats.” Nayib Bukele.

Guillermo Gallegos, vice-president of the Legislative branch, stated that “This is a coup that they want to give to President Bukele; what they want to do is foolish and absurd; the President is in the best mental condition. This coup is part of the same desperation that ARENA, FMLN, PDC, and PCN, have when they are already defeated.

According to the latest polls, both FMLN and ARENA will face a significant defeat in the upcoming elections.

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