El Zonte Beach. One of the best surf spots in El Salvador.

 January 15, 2020   By Eddie

El Zonte beach is a well-known surfing spot that is visited by all types of surfers from several countries. This bohemian beach is one of the top surf spots in El Salvador and Central America.

This beach is the perfect location for surfers who are looking for a quiet place to ride fantastic Pacific Ocean waves. Also, El Zonte often serves as a spot for national and international surfing competitions.

El Zonte Beach

Activities at El Zonte beach.

The most popular activities at El Zonte beach are surfing and relaxing. At this beach, surfers of different levels, from beginners to experts, will find perfect waves to ride.

Experienced surfers will have plenty of Pacific ocean waves to enjoy almost the entire year. Furthermore, those who are looking to learn how to surf will find plenty of professional surf teachers willing to give lessons at reasonable prices.

The other popular activity at this beach is relaxation, the atmosphere at the beach is a relaxed and free spirit. El Zonte is the opposite of another popular surf spot in El Salvador. El Zonte is a laidback beach, while El Tunco beach is a party beach.


Beach location and accommodations.

The beach is located at kilometer 53 on the Coastal Highway in the department of La Libertad; it is about 31 miles from the international airport. Click here to see El Zonte’s location on google maps.

This beach has a wide selection of hostels, restaurants, and camping areas that make it easy for travelers, the accommodations can be for either short term or long term. So, if you want to get an idea of types of accommodations and prices available at this beach, I recommend you to use a site such as HotelsCombined.com.

To sum up, El Zonte beach is a quiet and isolated environment ideal for relaxing with family or friends. Also, take a look at the other beaches in El Salvador or the best surf spots in El Salvador.