La Libertad beach El Salvador. Great beach near San Salvador.

By Eddie.  |  Aug 18th, 2022
La libertad beach el salvadorLa libertad beach.

The La Libertad beach El Salvador, also known as the Port of La Libertad, is an ideal location to spend time with family or friends enjoying the fantastic Salvadoran Pacific Coast. The beach in this small port town has plenty of activities to keep all types of visitors busy for the entire day.

The pleasant beach is located in the small city of La Libertad, approximately about 35 kilometers from downtown San Salvador and about 31 kilometers from the international airport.

A short history of the port of La Libertad

The port of La Libertad was one of the first maritime ports of El Salvador, it was founded in February 1824; at that particular time, it was the most popular nautical route for the country.

Currently, the port is used only for artisanal fishing done by small boats and for selling fresh seafood at stalls at the pier’s main entrance.

Tourism in The Port of La Libertad.

The Port of La Libertad beach is fantastic for tourism; it has many places where you and your family or friends can relax and enjoy.

Also, if you arrive early at the beach, you can witness a beautiful sunrise; Just as if you arrive late, you will be left to enjoy the magical sunset.

This beach is attractive for many reasons, one of these reasons is the fantastic Pacific Ocean waves. Additionally, the beach is well-known due to the fresh fish market, the boardwalk or Malecon, and the local gastronomy.

The fantastic Pacific Ocean waves.

La Libertad beach, just like the rest of Salvadoran beaches, has fantastic Pacific Ocean waves. At this beach, visitors will be able to have fun going swimming, boogie boarding, relaxing at the shore, and even surfing.

The fresh fish market.

Another reason the Port of La Libertad beach is Popular is the fresh fish market, which is located right at the pier. Locals and visitors venture into the pier to buy fresh seafood from any of the many local fishermen.

The boardwalk or Malecon.

The Port of La Libertad beach is the only one in the country that has a boardwalk or Malecon. Visitors can walk the boardwalk, sit at one of the many benches, and enjoy the day looking at the people swimming or watching the sunset.

Gastronomy at La Libertad beach.

Undeniably, the area around La Libertad beach has a vast number of bars and restaurants for visitors to enjoy the local gastronomy.

Evidently, at most of these restaurants and bars, fresh fish is the main dish; nonetheless, most of them will also offer other types of food.

Port of La Libertad beach El Salvador
La Libertad Beach El Salvador.

Accommodations at La Libertad beach.

The area around La Libertad beach has plenty of accommodations available for all types of visitors. The following are three of the most popular.

The Hotels and hostels listed above are not the only ones available; there are many others to choose from.

Port of La Libertad Beach El Salvador.

Another reason why people like staying or visiting the La Libertad beach is the proximity to other fantastic beaches or touristic attractions. Take a look at the other beaches in El Salvador.

Travel to El Salvador, this is a small country when it comes to tourism; it is called the 45-minute country because there is a tourist spot within 45 minutes of each other.