La Costa del Sol El Salvador. Perfect for relaxation.

La Costa del Sol El Salvador is a fantastic beach area suitable for all types of visitors; it has exceptional beaches, vast cuisine options, a relaxing atmosphere, and plenty of activities to enjoy. Year after year, locals and foreign visitors alike spend time in this area enjoying what is has to offer.

This beach area is one of the most visited in the country for many reasons. Obviously, the main reasons are the beaches, vast activities, tasty gastronomy, souvenir shopping, and a fun atmosphere.

La Costa del Sol El Salvador

Furthermore, I can add the proximity to the capital and the international airport as a top reason people visit this area. And lastly, I can include easy access as a third reason.

The area itself has an extension of about 15 kilometers, where you can find beaches, lagoons, the bay, mangroves, and other natural attractions.



Among the most popular destinations in the area, I can mention the San Marcelino Beach, Los Whites beach, Costa del Sol Beach, Jaltepeque Estuary, Tasajera Island, Bocana, and La Puntilla.

This beach area caters to all types of visitors; from backpackers looking for low-cost accommodations to visitors looking for more luxurious amenities!

La Costa del Sol El Salvador
La Costa del Sol El Salvador

Activities at La Costa del Sol

The activities options in this beach area are plentiful; some of the most popular are boating in the bay, swimming the smooth waters, and sunbathing on the beaches. But, there are many other activities available, here are some of them.

  • Horseback riding
  • Boat trips at the mangroves and in the ocean
  • Fishing expeditions
  • Jet sky and stand up paddle rentals
  • Watch beautiful sunsets or sunrises
  • Enjoy fresh seafood
  • Taking long walks
  • Navigate through the mangroves on the estuary of Jaltepeque
  • Visit Montecristo island

Visit the La Costa del Sol; the activities are plentiful and enjoyable!


The Costa del Sol is the most developed beach area in the country. I am sure you will not have a hard time finding the right accommodation that fits your needs. Without a doubt, the cost per night will depend on what type of accommodation you are looking for.

Here are five hotels for you to consider, they have great reviews and are centrally located.



In addition to hotels, you will also find other accommodations such as villas and hostels.

Furthermore, this area is the most developed in the country when it comes to tourism, you will also be able to find private vacation homes for rent by owners (VRBO).

To sum up, at La Costa del Sol in El Salvador, finding proper accommodations to fit your needs will not be an issue.


Without a doubt, eating options at La Costa del Sol are vast and all over the place. To simplify my descriptions of them, I will list them in three categories, top of the line, medium, and other.

  • Top of the line.

    I consider the top of the line restaurants, those of a more expensive and elegant nature such as La Pampa restaurant and La Joya del Pacifico restaurant. If these are the types of cuisine you like, I am sure you will find plenty of options in this area.

    There is not much to say about these restaurants other than they serve excellent food in a more upscale setting.

  • Medium

    To me, medium type restaurants are smaller restaurants located all over the place. These restaurants serve, for the most part, fresh seafood and typical Salvadoran foods.



    When it comes to the menu for these restaurants, they all seem similar as they serve the same type of dishes such as fried fish, roasted meats, and Mariscadas. Nevertheless, each restaurant will have a variation of these dishes that can set them apart from the rest.

    My bother, who loves seafood, says that the best way to see if the restaurant is good is to try their Mariscada. A typical Mariscada in El Salvador is a cream-based soup with shrimp, scallops, crabs, lobsters, etc. Each restaurant has a variation of this dish.

  • Other

    I include in the other category, food sold by vendors walking up and down the beach or food trucks parked on the streets. This food is less expensive than restaurants and is sold mostly at lunchtime.

    Some people don’t like eating this food for many different reasons, but the principal one is cleanliness. I have eaten food from many of these vendors; I have never gotten sick, and the food has been okay.

As you see, food options at La Costa del Sol are vast and all over the place.

La Costa del Sol Recreational Center

A great location to spend time at La Costa del Sol is the recreational center. This touristic center is run by ITSU or the “Salvadoran Institute of Tourism” as it is locally known.

The center is about 20 acres long; it has two swimming pools for adults and two for children. Additionally, it has over 100 cabins available to the public for relaxation and comfort.

It is essential to mention that this water park gets busy, especially on the weekends and national holidays.

How safe is the area?

Since La Costa del Sol is the most developed and most visited beach area in the country, safety is a top priority for local authorities.

So, the answer to the question is that it’s safe; however, please be careful, especially if you venture into non-touristic areas at La Costa del Sol.

If you need more information about staying safe in El Salvador, read the following, Is El Salvador safe; it will give an overview of safety in El Salvador.

Costa del Sol Location

La Costa del Sol is centrally and conveniently located in the department of La Paz; El Salvador Airport is about 22 miles away, and San Salvador, the nation’s capital, is about 40 miles away.

I am not going to tell you what the best way to get there is since depending on your starting location, it can change. Obviously, you can get to the area by driving, taking the bus, taxi, or a shuttle; it’s up to you to decide how to get there.

If this is your first time visiting La Costa del Sol or El Salvador for that matter, I recommend you to take a private shuttle. Taking a shuttle will be convenient and safer at the same time.


This beach area gets really congested, especially during the weekends and national holidays; for that reason, I recommend the following.

  • Avoid visiting during the weekends and national holidays.
  • If you want an area that is less crowed, stay away from the area around the recreational center.
  • Get a day pass for one of the hotels or beach resorts, it will give you access to their pool and other amenities

These recommendations are mostly for people visiting for the day.


To sum up, this location is one of the most visited beach areas in El Salvador; and it is also a top-notch destination in Central America.

La Costa del Sol is the perfect place to enjoy the sun during the day and also have fun with the night activities. The soft sand, the sun, the warm breeze, and the charming landscapes will make your visit to this particular area unforgettable.

Travel to El Salvador and visit La Costa del Sol, it is a spectacular area to enjoy by yourself, with family, or with friends.

La Costa del Sol El Salvador
La Costa del Sol El Salvador

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Visit El Salvador and spend time at La Cost del Sol or one of the beautiful beaches in the country!


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