Las Flores Beach in El Salvador, Great Surf Spot in Eastern El Salvador

Las Flores beach in El Salvador
Panoramic view of Playa Las Flores in El Salvador. Photo by Karla

Las Flores Beach in El Salvador is a fantastic surf spot in Eastern El Salvador. Playa Las Flores has consistent right point breaks, a sandy bottom, and tubular sections ideal for surfing.

Playa Las Flores in El Salvador is one of the best surf spots in the country and Central America. Playa Las Flores is surrounded by dense tropical vegetation, which gives it a unique setting.

Las Flores Beach is similar to other beaches in the region; it has smooth black sand and a long sandy coast. However, what makes this beach distinctive is the impressive waves ideal for surfing.

Surfing at las Flores Beach in El Salvador

The Las Flores Beach surf break is one of the best and most consistent in the country. For this reason, the beach is well-known in the local and international surfing community.

The break with a sandy bottom and tubular sections is suitable for all surfers, from beginners to advanced.

Also, there is no secret that this beach has some of the best right-hand waves in Central America.

The best time to surf at this beach is during the wet season, from May to September. Usually, during the summer months or dry season, the waves are not as impressive.

Unlike the other surf spots in El Salvador, Las Flores Beach does not get as many surfers. The beach’s location and the activities around the area do not help to attract visitors.

At this beach, surfing is the best activity; so if surfing is your thing, make sure you visit during the winter months.

Playa Las Flores Location

Las Flores Beach is in the eastern part of the country, at the edge of the departments of San Miguel and Usulutan. Click here to see the beach location on google maps.

The main activity at this beach is surfing; nonetheless, Las Flores is near EL Cuco Beach, one of the most popular beaches in the country for relaxation.

Additionally, Punta Mango Beach, a secluded surf break and also another of the best surf spots in El Salvador, is a short boat ride away.

Getting to Las Flores Beach is the challenging part. This surf spot is about 145 kilometers from the international airport.

Because of its location, the beach does not get as many surfers as beaches Like El Tunco beach or Punta Roca beach.

Playa Las Flores in Usulutan
Playa Las Flores. Photo by Enrique Arias

Accommodations at Las Flores Beach in El Salvador

Las Flores Beach is in a remote area of El Salvador. The small town of El Cuco is the nearest populated area.

Accommodations in this area are limited, so before venturing into Las Flores, make sure you have a place to stay.

The best accommodations right in the surfing area are Mira Flores Hotel and Las Flores Hotel. There are other accommodations in the area; however, these are the most well-known.

If you ever get the chance to travel to El Salvador and surfing is what you are looking for, take a chance and visit Las Flores Beach in the eastern part of the country. I am sure you will find plenty of waves to surf at this beach.

Also, visit the other beaches in El Salvador, some of them are ideal for surfing or simply relaxing.