Salvadoran Government Installs Free High-Speed Internet in the Municipality of Victoria, Cabañas

By Karla Ramos  |  Dec 2nd, 2023
Victoria Cabañas El Salvador

Yesterday, December 1, 2023, Denis Pocasangre, the undersecretary of the Ministry of Innovation of the presidency, inaugurated the installation of free satellite high-speed internet in the central park of the municipality of Victoria, Cabañas.

The introduction of free satellite internet in Victoria, Cabañas, marks its placement in the 30th park nationally.

Furthermore, complimentary satellite internet has been activated in Cinquera, Jutiapa, and Tejutepeque, bringing the total number of parks with this free service to 33 in El Salvador. All four municipalities are in the Cabañas department.

The free internet service is part of the government’s national strategy to promote and strengthen digital inclusion and guarantee access to connectivity for students and the general population.

“This day, we are bringing here Conectando El Salvador, a project that aims to provide free, high-speed internet access to different parks and squares throughout the territory,” stated the Secretary of Innovation, Denis Pocasangre.

According to authorities, the Salvadoran government, via the Ministry of Innovation, is implementing a national strategy to promote digital inclusion and guarantee access to connectivity.

The government’s goal is to connect more than 100 public spaces to the Starlink network before the end of the second half of next year.

We are betting on digital transformation. With this project, we are bringing high-speed internet at no cost to different parks and public squares throughout the territory. Denis Pocasangre, Undersecretary of Innovation of the Presidency.

Poor internet connectivity in El Salvador

In El Salvador, the challenge of limited internet connectivity hampers socio-economic progress. A significant portion of the population faces difficulties in accessing essential online services.

Limited access to the internet in El Salvador not only impedes educational and economic opportunities but also exacerbates social inequalities; it is a problem that demands urgent attention and comprehensive solutions.

The government’s national strategy to provide free internet will help the country’s socio-economic and educational progress.