Salvadoran Legislature Approves El Salvador Animal Welfare Law

By Karla Ramos  |  Jan 27th, 2022
Animal Welfare Law
Photo by @AgriculturaSV

The Salvadoran Legislative Assembly approved the El Salvador Animal Welfare Law, whose principal function will be the complete protection of pets and companion animals.

The El Salvador Animal Welfare Law passed with 76 votes in favor; it seeks to benefit rescuer’s work and those groups that work for the care and protection of animals. The law also allows the creation of the Animal Welfare Institute (IBA).

This is a moral commitment that we had with society. While it is true, we have inherited 30 years of neglect in every way. The moral welfare of a society is measured in how we treat animals. Now we have an instrument that is going to fine and next week an instrument that is going to penalize animal abuse.” David Martínez. Agriculture Minister.

The Special Animal Welfare Law establishes the creation of the IBA as an autonomous public institution. The IBA will be the highest authority for the protection and welfare of companion and wild animals.

Minor infractions will be given to owners that do not have their pets properly identified or present their card with the updated vaccination record.

Also, not keeping the pets in good sanitary conditions and purchasing or selling dogs and cats less than 45 days old will result in minor fines.

Serious infractions will be for those who keep pets in inadequate spaces. Also, not providing proper shelter for the animals and evading vaccination of their pets will result in heavy fines.

The fines for minor infractions will be from one to three minimum wages in the commerce and service sector. Serious offenses will carry a penalty of four to six Salvadoran minimum wages.

The Animal Welfare Institute (IBA) will coordinate efforts with different institutions such as city mayors, the National Civil Police (PNC), the Attorney General’s Office (FGR), and other ministries and civil society.

Also, the IBA will be in charge of the operation of the Chivo Pet Veterinary Hospital. Chivo Pet is the first state medical care center paid with gains from Bitcoins.

The Special Animal Welfare Law will allow sanctions against animal abuse and will create massive adoption campaigns. It will also offer accessibility to veterinary assistance.

We have a President who thinks about the integral well-being of all, and now even of the little animals. With the Special Law on Animal Welfare and Protection, everyone is responsible for giving them adequate conditions, and those who do not guarantee their care will pay.”

“With 76 votes the Legislative Assembly approves the Special Law for Animal Protection and Welfare. We will protect our four-legged friends!” Tweeted the Ministry of Agriculture.

This new Animal Welfare Law replaces the old law enacted in 2016, which was barely enforced. “This is a law that creates the Animal Welfare Institute recognizing animals as conscious beings,” said Agriculture Minister David Martínez.

Martinez confirmed the participation of the Ministry of Education so that the subject of animal welfare and responsible ownership of pets are introduced into the school curriculum.