6 Travel Ideas for Students on a Limited Budget

6 Travel Ideas for Students on a Limited Budget

Let us be honest, studying and reading books in the library is not what students dream of when they decide to move abroad to study. For most, it is the first, and often the best, opportunity to travel.

If you want to enjoy your university years and see the world, it is entirely possible, even if you do not have much money in your bank account. All you need to know is how to save money for traveling to El Salvador and fit it into your student budget.

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Speaking of the ways to save up for your trips, consider the following tips that will help you plan fun and affordable trips to El Salvador that will diversify and color your student life!

1) Fly on the right flights at the right time

One of the best ways to save money on travel to El Salvador is to choose a flight with a low-cost airline. You have probably heard of EasyJet, Ryanair, Aer Lingus, Flybe, WizzAir, and others.

Of course, these flights have their own peculiarities. For example, planes may be less comfortable, arrive and depart with a slight delay, there may be significant restrictions on luggage weight, and flights may fly between some small airports rather than major airports of the countries.

However, in the end, it is not that important compared to how much you can save on tickets! In addition to that, you should use flight aggregators where you will be able to find the best flight connections for reasonable prices. You can find and order tickets for low-cost flights at the following sites: Skyscanner, Google Flights, Expedia, etc.

Another great way to save money on travel is to choose the right times to travel to El Salvador. For example, you had better not travel when it is a hot season or during holidays. During these periods, airlines, carriers, and hotels jack up prices. Even throughout the week, there are days in which flights are more expensive or, conversely, cheaper, such as Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday.

2) Become friends with hostels.

Stay in hostels, not hotels. Hostels are known to be students’ best friends when it comes to travel to El Salvador. For very little money, you can get everything you need in a hostel: a bed with clean linens, a drawer for your belongings, access to shared bathrooms and toilets, and sometimes even breakfast. Sure, you may have to share a room with 10 other guests, but that is not a big deal if you’re paying about $10 and spending your time not in four walls, but getting to know a new place. You can find a great hostel anywhere in the world at Booking.com.

It is impossible not to mention another great way to save money on lodging abroad. We are talking about Couchsurfing. If you join a community of couchsurfers around the world on CouchSurfing, it will help you not only reduce the cost of travel, but also meet new people of different nationalities and cultures!

3) Remember to save wisely on your trip

There are many more ways to stay within the student budget that active travel enthusiasts use. Here are some of them. When you enroll at a university abroad, you will get an ISIC student card. This card will give you access to a huge number of all sorts of discounts around the world. I am talking about transport discounts, discounts in certain networks of cafes, restaurants, and stores, discounts to visit museums and attractions. Be sure to take advantage of this opportunity for additional savings.

4) Learn more about discounts on their official website.

While in El Salvador, try to avoid cabs and give preference to public transportation or bike rentals, which will cost an average of $15 per day. Inexpensive Hop-On Hop-Off bus tours can also help you explore the major sights of the country.

5) Do not try to eat at expensive restaurants.

If you really want to taste some dishes from the local cuisine, try to find out in advance where you can buy it without paying a lot of money for it. You can often do this at street fairs, in tents, and even at local fast food chains. It costs a lot less, and the taste is often no different from restaurant meals. If food is not your pleasure or you are not a fan of gastro tours, you can save on food by buying simple products in local supermarkets or at the market.

Finally, another item of expenditure on which a student should save when traveling is souvenirs. In most cases, such spending can be considered a waste. As long as you do not have much money in your wallet, give preference to collecting inexpensive or even free, but memorable things like postcards, tickets, maps, etc.

6) Download useful apps for travelers.

Important and necessary mobile apps designed specifically for travelers are a real must-have for any student. Find the nearest free WiFi hotspot, check transport schedules, view hotels and cafes, plan your route and budget. These are just some of the tasks that apps can help you with!