Which of these three do we want to see in Mariona or Zacatraz the most?

January 10th, 2020

This might sound like I want revenge on these people, but as a Salvadoran who is sick and tired of corruption, I want to see all of these three characters brought to justice and behind bars in either Mariona or Zacatraz.

As of today, all of these individuals are fugitives being sought by the Salvadoran judicial system. If it was up to you, who do you want to see behind bars the most? Ex-president Funes, Businessman Enrique Rais, or Politician Sigffredo Reyes?

What is Mariona or Zacatraz?

For those of you that don’t know, Mariona and Zacatraz are two of the maximum-security jails in El Salvador. No one in the right mind will want to end up at any of these two prisons.

So who do we want the most, Funes, Raiz, or Reyes?
To be clear, none of these individuals have been convicted of any crimes.

Mauricio Funes.

The ex-president of El Salvador accused of embezzling about 300 million dollars. Currently, he is living in Nicaragua under the protection of the Ortega government. This is his twitter account @FunesCartagena.

Enrique Rais.

Businessman Enrique Rais has been on the run from the Salvadoran justice system since 2016. He is accused of multiple crimes that range from taking money from business partners to paying bribes to former attorney general Luis Martinez. He is believed to be hiding in Switzerland.

Sigfrido Reyes.

Sigfrido Reyes is a politician with links to the FMLN political party. One of the primary roles he had in Salvadoran Politics was being president of the General Assembly or Asamblea General. He is accused of money laundering. As of today, January 10th, he is believed to be in France or Russia. His Twitter account is @sigfridoreyes.

So, who do we want to see brought back to El Salvador first?

Just to be clear, these individuals are fugitives and wanted by El Salvador; however, none of them have faced trial yet.

By: Anonymous
Reyes – Rais – Funes

My point of view.