Francisco Alabi El Salvador. Salvadoran Health Minister

By Eddie Galdamez  |  Feb 9th, 2022
Francisco Alabi El Salvador
Salvadoran Health Minister Alabi.

Francisco Alabi is the El Salvador Health Minister. Alabi was sworn in as a minister in March 2020 by President Nayib Bukele. His previous position was Vice Minister of Health Operations. He replaced the former minister, Ana Orellana Bendek, who served nine months in her work.

The Bukele Presidency sent a statement. “The new minister has the task of coordinating the inter-institutional work in the Expanded Health Cabinet to face the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Regarding the new minister’s academic training and experience, the transparency portal details that he is a doctor of Medicine graduated from the Evangelical University of El Salvador (2004-2012).

Additionally, he has a specialty in general surgery performed at the National Hospital Dr. Juan José Fernández in Zacamil from 2013 to 2015. In 2019 he held the position of Director of Hospitals.

Salvadoran Ministers
Michelle Sol, Monroy, and Alabi.

Francisco Alabi’s time as Salvadoran health minister.

Today, October 13, 2020, Francisco Alabi has been a health minister for over 6 months. His work speaks for himself, El Salvador has the lowest number of confirmed cases in the country.

Alabi has received appreciation for the job he has done, which gives him a high approval rate. Nonetheless, his tenure as health minister has been tense due to allegations of corruption.

The opposing parties to the president and his administration, FMLN and ARENA, have accused the minister of mishandling funds.

The animosity between the some on the legislative assembly and the executive is severe. Alabi has refused to attend the legislative branch’s mandatory meetings to discuss the pandemic and finances.

On October 7, health minister Alabi didn’t show up for a special commission’s mandatory meeting. The Special Commission agreed to convene the Minister of Health, Francisco Alabi again, but under pressure this time.

Legislators ordered the National Police to urgently bring the Minister of Health to the Assembly on Wednesday, October 14. Legislators say that the police must guarantee the presence of Francisco Alabi next Wednesday.

It is worth noting that any allegations of wrongdoing by the minister are just allegations. As of today, October 14, the general attorney has not filed any charges.