Deputy Marcela Villatoro

Deputy Marcela Villatoro Asks for the Resignation of ARENA’s President Carlos Garcia Saade

ARENA’s newly re-elected deputy, Marcela Villatoro, declared that the president of the right-wing political party, Carlos García Saade, should resign from his position as ARENA’s president after the results of the 2024 elections. Deputy Villatoro justified her assessment of asking for Saade’s resignation and gave the resignation of Mauricio Interiano … Read more

Salvadoran deputy Claudia Ortiz

Deputy Claudia Ortiz: Looking to Build a Political Alternative to Bukele and His Political Party

Surrounded by friends and members of the VAMOS political party, Deputy Claudia Ortiz announced that she had been re-elected as a deputy for the San Salvador department for the 2024-2027 legislative term. I want to tell you that despite all the irregularities that we have denounced, all the grave anomalies, … Read more

Roberto d'Aubuisson

Politician Roberto d’Aubuisson and Family Faces Civil Lawsuit Over Alleged Illicit Enrichment

The Salvadoran Attorney General’s Office (FGR) has sued the former deputy and former mayor of Santa Tecla for the ARENA party, Roberto d’Aubuisson, his wife, and two children, for alleged illicit enrichment of $992,699.52. The Attorney General’s Office filed the lawsuit at the Second Instance Environmental Chamber of Santa Tecla … Read more

Luis Parada El Salvador Politician

Luis Parada: Our Time 2024 Presidential Candidate

Luis Parada is a presidential candidate for the 2024 Salvadoran Elections; Parada is a former member of the Salvadoran military and a lawyer residing in the United States. Parada will run under the Nuestro Tiempo political flag; he will face Nayib Bukele, the most popular politician in the region. Human … Read more

Michelle Sol El Salvador

Michelle Sol, the Minister of Housing, delivers property deeds in San Vicente

Michelle Sol, the Salvadoran Minister of Housing and Urban Development, delivered property deeds to 81 families from the department of San Vicente who had had various problems years ago obtaining the documents for their land. The communities beneficiated were Dos Quebradas, Las Rosas, and El Llano. The city mayors of … Read more

Milena Mayorga at the White House.

Milena Mayorga, Salvadoran Ambassador to the United States

Milena Mayorga is the current Salvadoran ambassador to the United States. Previously, Mayorga served as a deputy at the Legislative Assembly representing San Salvador; she won her legislative seat in the 2018 elections. Before becoming a politician and now ambassador to the United States, Milena Mayorga worked in the communication … Read more

Rogeliio Rivas

Rogelio Rivas, Ex-minister of Justice and Public Security of El Salvador

Rogelio Rivas Polanco was the Minister of Justice and Public Security of El Salvador for the Nayib Bukele administration from June 2019 until March 2021. President Nayib Bukele appinted Rogelio Rivas to be his security minister in May 2019. Rivas replaced Mauricio Landaverde, who had this position under the presidency … Read more