Day of the Cross in El Salvador

The Day of the Cross in El Salvador: A Celebration of Faith and Heritage

The Day of the Cross in El Salvador is celebrated yearly on May 3rd. It is a beloved Salvadoran tradition where people adorn crosses made from Jiote trees with fruits, flowers, and paper ornaments, symbolizing faith, heritage, and community celebration. This Salvadoran tradition has pre-Hispanic and Christian roots that date … Read more

Nayib Bukele’s territorial control plan

Nayib Bukele’s Territorial Control Plan: Transforming El Salvador’s Security Landscape

Under President Nayib Bukele’s government, El Salvador has witnessed a remarkable transformation in its security landscape. The administration’s severe security measures have effectively bolstered safety and instilled greater confidence among the population. Nayib Bukele’s territorial control plan is one of the strategies! Nayib Bukele’s territorial control plan consists of seven … Read more

Holy week in El Salvador

Holy Week in El Salvador: A Vibrant Celebration of Faith and Tradition

Holy Week in El Salvador is one of the most celebrated cultural traditions of the country; it is a time that Salvadorans use for prayer, reflection, and gratitude. These festivities are also a time to get together with family and friends to enjoy the celebrations. Easter week in El Salvador … Read more

El Salvador Departments and Municipalities

Getting to Know El Salvador Departments and Municipalities; From Coast to Highlands!

El Salvador is divided into 14 departments and 44 municipalities, each offering a distinctive blend of culture, history, and natural beauty. San Salvador stands as the most populous department, with an estimated population of 1,730,449, and Cabañas, with 153,571 inhabitants, is the least populated. San Salvador East ranks as the … Read more

Presidents of El Salvador

Presidents of El Salvador (1989 to 2024): A Historical Dive into the Salvadoran Presidents

El Salvador, a country with a diverse political history, has been steered by presidents who have influenced its course, for better or worse. From controversial figures to modern leaders, each president has been instrumental in shaping the nation’s development and evolution. El Salvadoran presidents serve a five-year term, securing office … Read more

Salvadoran Legislative Assembly

El Salvador Legislative Assembly: 2024-2027 Legislative Term

The 2024-2027 Salvadoran Legislature is different as it has only 60 deputies, 57 of whom are aligned with Nayib Bukele. The opposition managed to secure just three legislative seats, with ARENA claiming two and VAMOS securing one. El Salvador Legislative Assembly is one of the three branches of government in … Read more

Minimum wage in El Salvador

Minimum Wage in El Salvador in 2024: Understanding the Economic Realities of Salvadorans

The minimum wage in El Salvador in 2024 per month is $365.00 for commerce, industrial, service, and sugar mill workers; $359.16 for maquila workers that manufacture textiles and clothing; $272.66 for coffee mill and Sugar cane harvesting workers; and $243.46 for agriculture, fishing, and coffee harvesting workers. The last minimum … Read more