El Salvador National Hospitals

Hospital El Salvador
Hospital El Salvador.

The El Salvador National Hospitals are located in the capital cities of each department and in towns with large populations. The hospitals in El Salvador offer services such as internal medicine, general surgery, pediatrics, obstetrics, and gynecology.

El Salvador has 31 public hospitals, 25 departmental, two regional, and four specialty hospitals. Anyone can seek medical assistance at departmental and regional hospitals; however, for the specialty hospitals, a referral is needed.

Departmental hospitals

Departmental hospitals are located in the departmental capitals and cities with the highest population concentration. These hospitals have greater response capacity in terms of specialties, infrastructure, and technology.

National Hospital Dr. Francisco Menendez in the city of Ahuachapan. Phone:(503)2443-1570

National Hospital Dr. Jorge Mazzini Villacorta in the city of Sonsonate. Phone:(503)2891-6509

Surfing in El Salvador x
Surfing in El Salvador

Santa Ana
National Hospital Dr. Arturo Morales in the city of Metapan. Phone:(503)2891-6011

Santa Ana
National Hospital of the city of Chalchuapa. Phone:(503)2891-4591

National Hospital Dr. Luis Edmundo Vasquez in the city of Chalatenango. Phone:(503)2991-0011

National Hospital of the city of Nueva Concepcion. Phone:(503)2991-0505.

La Libertad
National Hospital San Rafael in the city of Santa Tecla. Phone:(503)2594-4008

San Salvador
National Hospital Dr. Juan Jose Fernandez in the city of Zacamil. Phone:(503)2594-5188

San Salvador
National Hospital Dr. José Antonio Saldaña in the city of San Marcos. Phone:(503)2594-5795

San Salvador
National General & Psychiatry Hospital Dr. Jose Molina Martínez in Soyapango. Phone:(503)2327-0202

San Salvador
National Hospital Angélica Vidal de Najarro in the city of San Bartolo. Phone:(503)2201-3180

National Hospital “Nuestra Señora de Fatima” in the city of Cojutepeque. Phone:(503)2991-2211

National Hospital of Suchitoto. Phone:(503)2347-4740

San Vicente
National Hospital Santa Gertrudis in the city of San Vicente. Phone:(503)2393-9532

La Paz
National Hospital Santa Teresa in the city of Zacatecoluca. Phone:(503)2347-1213

National Hospital Dr. José Luís Saca in the city of Ilobasco. Phone:(503)2347-5004

National Hospital “San Jeronimo Emiliani” in the city of Sensuntepeque. Phone:(503)2361-0704

National Hospital of Jiquilisco in the city of Jiquilisco. Phone:(503)2684-3306

National Hospital San Pedro in the city of Usulutan. Phone:(503)2633-8838

National Hospital Dr. Jorge Arturo Mena in the city of Santiago de Maria. Phone:(503)2792-1000

San Miguel
National Hospital Monseñor Oscar Arnulfo Romero y Galdamez in the city of Cidudad Barrios. Phone:(503)2684-1500

San Miguel
National Hospital Nueva Guadalupe in the city of Nueva Guadalupe. Phone:(503)2645-2203

National Hospital Dr. Hector Antonio Hernandez Flores in the city of San Francisco Gotera. Phone:(503)2654-1314

La Union
National Hospital of Santa Rosa de Lima in the city of Santa Rosa de Lima. Phone:(503)2792-4403

La Union
National Hospital of La Union in the city of La Union. Phone:(503)2792-5000

Regional Hospitals.

Regional Hospitals are responsible for the functional network coordination of the hospitals that make up each of the Regions. These hospitals offer a higher level of care and specialty than departmental hospitals.

Santa Ana “Western Region”
Regional National Hospital San Juan de Dios in the city of Santa Ana. Phone: (503)2891-5250

San Miguel “Eastern Region”
Regional National Hospital San Juan de Dios in the city of San Miguel. Phone:(503)2661-1424

El Salvador Hospitals
Regional Hospital san Juan de Dios in Santa Ana

National Specialized Hospitals

The El Salvador Hospitals listed as specialized deal with highly complex services and are a national reference.

San Salvador
Children’s hospital Benjamín Bloom in the city of San Salvador. Phone:(503)2233-3222

San Salvador
National Hospital for Women Dr. Maria Isabel Rodriguez in the city of San Salvador. Phoone:(503)2206-6239

San Salvador.
National Hospital El Salvador for COVID-19 patients in San Salvador. Phone:(503)2594-2100

San Salvador.
National Hospital Rosales in San Salvador. Phone(503)2231-9204

Rosales Hospital
Hospital Rosales in San Salvador

El Salvador National Hospitals.

All Hospitals in El Salvador are under the direction and supervision of the Health Ministry or MINSAL. Currently, the MINSAL is under the administration of Health Minister Francisco Alabi.