Punta Mango El Salvador. Fantastic surf spot in eastern El Salvador.

Punta Mango Beach El Salvador
Punta Mango Beach. Image by @ESATravelSV

Punta Mango El Salvador is a fantastic surf spot with amazing waves located in the eastern region of the country. This remote beach surrounded by dense forest is known in the surf community as one of the best surf spots in El Salvador and Central America.

Punta Mango surf break is located near Las Flores Beach, another top surf spot in the country. Additionally, it is near El Cuco Beach, one of the most visited beaches in the country.

About Punta Mango El Salvador.

This surf point gets its name from a nearby beach called Mango beach. This beach area was once a Mango grove; however, now there are only a few mango trees left. The actual name of the point is El Floral beach.

If you watch videos about Punta Mango, like the video on this page, you will see that the waves are perfect for surfing. Now, depending on the tide, the waves will break either over sand or over a rocky area.

Punta Mango Beach El Salvador
Punta Mango Beach El Salvador. Photo by @DeVacaciones_ES

Many local and foreign surfers consider this point break, the best in the country, it is similar to Punta Roca beach in La Libertad. But, one big difference is that at Punta Mango, you will not encounter the crowds as you might do in Punta Roca.

May to September are the ideal months to visit and surf Punta Mango, the swells are more prominent and are as good as anywhere else in the country.

Getting to Punta Mango Beach.

Punta Mango is located in an underdeveloped area, there are a few ways of getting to this popular surf spot from either El Cuco beach or Las Flores Beach.

You can take a boat from either Las Flores Beach or El Cuco Beach; this is the fastest way of getting to Punta Mango.

Driving, you can drive from either El Cuco or Las Flores; it will take you about 30 to 40 minutes to get to the beach.

You can take a pick up truck or taxi that can easily be found in El Cuco; it will take you about the same time as driving.

Lastly, you can take the chicken bus, which goes from El Cuco to Punta Mango. The ride is longer as the bus will stop many times to drop off or pick up passengers.

Accommodations at Punta Mango El Salvador.

Punta Mango is located in a remote area in the eastern part of the country. For that reason, there are not that many accommodations.

Most people that visit Punat Mango stay at either El Cuco beach or Las Flores beach and take day trips to surf Punta Mango.

However, if you are looking to stay at this beach, Rancho Mango hotel might be the only available option, this hotel is popular with surfers.

To sum up, Punta Mango El Salvador is an astonishing beach ideal for surfing; it is one of the best surf spots in El Salvador.

If you get the chance, travel to El Salvador and visit this fantastic beach! Also, you can visit one of the other beaches in El Salvador and relax.