New Ideas political party, the party of the Salvadoran people.

New Ideas political party
 Aug 1, 2020   By Eddie Galdamez

The New Ideas political party was founded by President Nayib Bukele in 2018. Nuevas Ideas’ political party, the newly formed political movement, is the largest in El Salvador. It will be competing in its first public election in early 2021.

The creation of the New Ideas political party began when, Nayib Bukele, was expelled from the communist party, FMLN. At the time of his expulsion from the FMLN, Bukele was serving as mayor of San Salvador, the nation’s capital.

Creation of the New Ideas Political Party.

When Nayib Bukele was expelled from the FMLN on October 10, 2017, he began formulating the plan to create the New Ideas political party.

On October 25, 2017, through social media networks, Bukele announced the framework of the new movement called New Ideas or Nuevas Ideas in Spanish.

Bukele was looking for this new movement to become a political party, and thus allow him to compete in the 2019 presidential elections, under the Nuevas Ideas political party flag.

Obtaining the legal requirements to form the new political party was easy for Nayib Bukele. The biggest obstacle any new political party struggles with is getting 50,000 signatures; each new political party has 90 days to obtain them.

New Ideas broke the record by getting around 200,000 signatures in 3 days. New Ideas was on its way to becoming a political party.

Fighting against the Salvadoran Supreme Electoral Tribunal TSE.

The biggest obstacle the New Ideas political movement faced in becoming a political party was not obtaining signatures; It was the entity in charge of approving the new political party.

The Salvadoran Supreme Electoral Tribunal is the entity in charge of approving new political party’s. This entity is supposed to be unbiased; however, in 2017-2018, the TSE was controlled by the two main political parties in El Salvador, ARENA, and the FMLN.

The TSE is assumed to be impartial; However, they did everything in their power to prevent the New Ideas movement from becoming an official party in time to compete in the 2019 presidential elections.

The TSE was successful as the Nuevas Ideas political party was not officially created on time to compete in the 2019 presidential elections.

Nayib Bukele was forced to look for another political party; if he wanted to be in the ballot in the 2019 presidential elections.

Why didn’t the opposition wanted to allow Bukele to compete?

Over the last 30 years, El Salvador has been ruled by two political parties, FMLN and ARENA. According to the polls, the only way that Bukele was going to lose the 2019 presidential election was, if he was not in the ballot.

Nayib Bukele led in all local and international polls by a wide margin. For that reason, the opposition did everything possible to prevent Bukele from competing in the 2019 presidential election.

They failed because Nayib Bukele won the election by defeating both opposition parties combined.

Allowing Salvadorans to become Party affiliates.

Finally, after the Supreme Electoral Tribunal officially created New Ideas, the next step was to allow people to join the party and to become affiliates.

The New Ideas party opened affiliation to anyone who wanted to be part of the movement, it didn’t matter what the new member’s previous alliance was.

Incredible, more than 500,000 Salvadorans in El Salvador and around the world became affiliated with the Nuevas Ideas political party.

Internal elections to choose party directors.

After the affiliation process was completed, the party announced that there was going to be an internal election to choose the party’s president and directors.

In a shocking announcement, all the founders of the political party decided to resign their positions. This included President Nayib Bukele, Federico Anliker, and Mario Duran, three of the most recognized figures within the newly created political party.

The announcement of the resignation shocked people; however, the departure was to allow the new affiliates to choose its new president and directors. Nayib Bukele and the founders wanted this movement to belong to the people and not to him or the founders.

Usually, in a traditional political party and politics in El Salvador, the founders of the movement always want to maintain control over the party.

Affiliates elected Xavi Zablah Bukele as president of the Nuevas Ideas political party.

Xavi Zablah Bukele
Xavi Zablah Bukele

New Ideas political and the upcoming 2021 elections.

In July 2020, the Nuevas Ideas political party conducted its first internal elections to choose candidates for the 2021 elections.

Since New Ideas is the party of the people, anyone who met the requirements and wanted to compete as a pre-candidate was allowed to do it. Once again, New Ideas set a record as there were over 7,000 pre-candidates.

Nuevas Ideas’ political party will be competing in its first public elections in early 2021. Recent polls show that, after the next elections, the New Ideas political party will gain control of the Legislative Assembly of Salvadoran Congress.

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