The municipality and city of Perquin in Morazan El Salvador.

By Karla Ramos  |  Mar 8th, 2022
Perquin in Morazan
Perquin in Morazan. Photo by Sánchez

Perquin Morazan is a colorful municipality located near the Honduran border that has great ecotourist activities, in addition to fantastic history and exceptional cultural traditions. Also, Perquin is the principal city in the popular tourist route known as the peace route.

The municipality became known, locally and internationally, mainly because of the civil war of the 80s. This municipality and the department of Morazan played an enormous rule during the armed conflict.

Perquin, during the 1980s, was one of the main strongholds of the FMLN guerillas. So, this area was where some of the most intense fightings between the Salvadoran army and the Guerillas took place.

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Tourism in Perquin Morazan.

This small colorful municipality is one of the most touristic in the area; it is part of the peace route in El Salvador, one of the most popular touristic routes in the country.

The following are some of the most popular things to do or see at the municipality of Perquin.

The Murals of Perquin.

A great way to get to know the municipality of Perquin is to spend time looking at the beautiful murals; they display the history of the town and also display everyday life activities.

The best place to see these murals is near the municipal park and the local church. Throughout this area, you will discover fascinating paintings created by local artists.

The murals of Perquin provide an artistic image of the culture, history, and nature of the municipality.

The Museum of the Salvadoran Revolution.

The Museum of the Salvadoran Revolution was founded in 1992 by a group of guerillas.

These ex-fighters wanted to pay tribute to those who died during the armed conflict of the 80s. Additionally, their goal was to tell a true story of the armed conflict in El Salvador through the collection of objects, documents, and images.

Furthermore, at the museum, you will find information and testimonies of historical moments related to the civil war that El Salvador lived during the eighties.

The main objectives of the museum are to keep alive the events that occurred during the armed conflict. And also for people who did not experience this armed conflict to understand why and how this war happened.

Even though the museum is located in a remote area of the country, it is highly visited by tourists who seek to know about the history of the bloody armed conflict in El Salvador.

Llano del Muero (Plain of the Dead).

The Llano del Muerto is an extensive area of ​​about six thousand hectares of pine forests and meadows; it has water sources that follow a path through large rock formations until it reaches the Sapo and Guaco Rivers.

Perquin River.

Local legend has it that this site got the name of Llano del Muerto, from an event that occurred during the Spanish conquest.

The Spanish carried out a massacre and left a dead person in the area. So, no one ever claimed or collected the person’s body; therefore, there is a dead man on this plain. And so the name Llano del Muero or Plain of the Dead began.

The Llano del Muerto is a fantastic area with abundant natural resources, full of forests, rivers, waterfalls, and mountains; here, visitors have plenty of space to camp, hike, and swim in crystalline water pools.

Lastly, in this area, you will find plenty of animals such as reptiles, deers, coyotes, owls, squirrels, and probably cougars. The Llano del Muerto is a fantastic ecotourist place to visit!

Bailadero del Diablo.

The El Bailadero del Diablo in Perquin is a site with beautiful landscapes, located on the road that leads to Honduras, about five kilometers from the urban part of Perquin.

El Bailadero del Diablo has a camping site with a service area that includes a kitchen, tables, chairs, hammocks, and mats; this is an ideal location for those who love ecotourism and camping.

This is a large area with amazing views of cliffs, valleys, and mountains. Here, you can observe the starry skies, and enjoy spectacular panoramic views, in an atmosphere of peace and tranquility.

Perquin hill.

The Perquin hill is another popular attraction that you can visit in this town; it is located on the outskirts of the urban part of the municipality.

Go hiking at this hill, which is surrounded by pine trees, and enjoy fantastic views of the area and enjoy the excellent climate.

The Perquin Ravine.

Another hike or trek that you can do at this municipality is to the Perquin Ravine, it is located about 25 minutes from the town center.

This hike will take you through a forested area with fantastic views. And at the ravine, you can end your trip with a refreshing dip at the small creek.

Learn about the Salvadoran Civil War.

Another fantastic thing to do in Perquin is to learn about the civil war. You can learn from actual guerilla fighters that lived the conflict and also from locals that stayed in the area during the conflict.

The civilians or guerilla fighters share stories of living under relentless attacks by the Salvadoran military; many of these individuals lost family members or friends during the conflict.

Patron saint festivities of Perquin Morazan.

The Municipality of Perquin celebrates its patron saint festivities on August 14th and 15th; they are celebrated in honor of Saint Sebastian.

If you get the chance to visit during these dates, you should do it. The municipality becomes more colorful, and it also offers more activities and things to do for its visitors.

Additionally, during the festivities, you can sample the local gastronomy.
The most popular typical foods are Black rice, enchiladas with grated cheese and ground beans, banana with cream, and Chilate with honey; this is in addition to all the other traditional Salvadoran foods that you will find at the town.

The winter festival of Perquin Morazan.

The winter festival is another celebration in August that is worth visiting; it takes place in the first week in August.

The winter festival of the municipality of Perquín was born in 1992 as a way to celebrate two things.

The first is about celebrating the region’s great blessing of having ample winters that make the northern area of ​​Morazan an authentic and precious green treasure of El Salvador.

The second reason for celebrating the winter festival is to commemorate the end of the armed conflict in the country. When the war ended, the guerrillas and the civilian population that lived in the area, agreed to use the winter festival as a war-ending festivity.

The winter festival includes many activities that attempt to promote the history, culture, and traditions of the municipality.

Coffee Production in Perquin.

For those who love trying local coffee, the municipality of Perquin is a prominent location that produces fantastic local coffee.

The mountains of Perquin are located at an altitude of over 1,200 meters above sea level; therefore, the area produces fantastic local coffee with great flavor. Perquin coffee includes the best types of coffee produced in El Salvador.

Perquin’s history.

Perquin is a municipality of Lenca origin located in the department of Morazan, in the eastern part of El Salvador. The number of local residents of the municipality is less than 5,000.

The town of Perquin was founded by Lenca tribes long before 1770, and by 1870, Perquin was a town still inhabited only by Indians. Additionally, during colonial times, this town was known as Our Lady of the Assumption of Perquin.

Even though the municipality of Perquin has deep links to colonial times or even before, this town is more well-known for its recent history during the civil war.

The department of Morazan, which includes Perquin, was an area where most of the heavy fighting between the Army and the guerrillas took place.

Even to this day, the municipality of Perquin still has reminders of what happened in this area during the 1980s.

Perquin El Salvador

Accommodations in Perquin Morazan.

If you are looking to spend the night at the municipality of Perquin or other areas nearby, there are two options to get it done.

The first option is camping, the municipality of Perquin has a few places up in the mountains where you can go camping and enjoy nature. To find the best camping locations, you can get in touch with a Salvadoran Tour company and see what they recommend.

The second option is to stay at one of the many small resorts located in the area. The resorts offer accommodations, restaurant services, tours, and activities such as canopy and hiking.

Here are some places that offer accommodations and restaurant services.

The six places listed above are not the only ones in the area, there are many other available in Perquin.

Perquin Morazan.

The Municipality of Perquin in the department of Morazan is a place that is far from the international airport and the nation’s capital, San Salvador.

However, visiting this town is worth doing, it has a fantastic history from the Salvadoran civil war, and it has excellent ecotourism activities. Take a chance and visit the colorful municipality of Perquin in Morazan, you will like it!