Nayib Bukele’s political party on its way to take control of the Salvadoran Congress

By Karla Ramos  |  Mar 1st, 2021

New Ideas
Photo by @elsalvador

As of Monday early morning, and with over 72% of votes counted, the preliminary results show that president Bukele’s political party (New Ideas) is on its way to winning more than 66 seats of the Salvadoran legislative branch.

With 66 votes, New Ideas would have a 2/3 majority, which will give Bukele’s party absolute control of the legislative branch.

According to the Salvadoran Supreme Electoral Tribunal TSE, more than 51% of eligible voters cast a vote during these elections.

ARENA and FMLN, the two traditional parties that have governed El Salvador for the last 30 years, would become inconsequential political forces in the legislative branch.

El Faro online newspaper, a heavy critic of President Bukele and New Ideas, wrote the following, “Until the early hours of this Monday, March 1, the TSE projections leaves ARENA with 14 deputies, and the FMLN with three.”

In the current legislature, ARENA has 37 deputies and the FMLN 23. If this tendency continues, with the remaining 28%, the two traditional parties will receive the worst political defeat ever. According to the latest surveys, the legislative branch is perceived as one of the most corrupt institutions in El Salvador.

These are preliminary results, but, as things are going, New Ideas will likely have absolute control of the Salvadoran Congress. The final official results will be certified before the end of the week.

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