What are the best places to live in El Salvador?

Best Places to live in El Salvador Best Places to live in El Salvador
San Salvador

The best places to live in El Salvador are; San Salvador, La Libertad, Santa Ana, Santa Tecla, Ahuachapan, Suchitoto, Juayua, and also the beach town of El Tunco. Obviously, besides these cities, there are other places around the country with exceptional qualities ideal for making them your new home. These cities are just the most popular.

About the best places to live in El Salvador.

In El Salvador, you will find a place to live that will match all, or most of, your needs. Some rental places can run you upwards of $2000 per month at the major cities, Whereas, rentals at smaller towns or beach towns may go as low as $200 per month.

The places on this list are of my personal opinions; some of you may agree or disagree with them. Nevertheless, it can serve as a guide to show you what is out there. Without further delay, here are the best places to live in El Salvador.

San Salvador area.

The area around the capital, San Salvador, is one of the best to live in the country; if you are looking for an urban environment.

This area is near everything you may need or want, shopping malls, parks, touristic spots, restaurants, government buildings, embassies, and much more. Additionally, the international airport is within 24 miles from the area.

As you can probably imagine, living in this area is more expensive, from rentals to even haircuts. Unquestionably, this area is the perfect urban environment for living, but be prepared to pay higher prices for almost everything.

I do believe that rental expense is one of the only areas where you can reduce cost. But, that will involve sacrificing a better location for a less desirable location.

There are a lot of neighborhoods in this area. But, a top community that you will see in a lot of publications is the San Benito neighborhood. It is a top-notch community in San Salvador; and if you have the means to live there, go for it.

To sum up, the San Salvador area has plenty of communities for all types of newcomers, and there are just too many communities to list here. I recommend you to speak to a real estate agent and have him or her help you find the right location.

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La Libertad, best place to live in El Salvador near the coast.

The La Libertad city is a port town in the department of La Libertad, ideal for making it a permanent home. The town attracts surfers looking for waves, and beachgoers looking for a relaxed area centrally located.

The town has one of the top surf spots in El Salvador, the Punta Roca break; surfers have this surf break with consistent waves the entire year. Furthermore, another reason this town is popular with surfers is the proximity to El Tunco beach, another top surf spot in El Salvador, five miles away.

Beachgoers have plenty of activities available to them as well; the waterfront boardwalk is excellent for hanging out with all its shops and restaurants. The 19th-century pier with the fish market is perfect for purchasing fresh fish. And all the beaches in the area are great for relaxing and enjoying.

This town is great for living, in addition to all the top of the line activities is also centrally located; the airport and San Salvador are both within 22 miles.

To sum up, the city of La Libertad is a great place to move to. Talk to a real estate agent and see if it is the right location for you.

Santa Ana, best mid size place to live in El Salvador.

Sant Ana is one of the largest city in the country; also the head of the department of Santa Ana and the main city in the western part of the country.

In Santa Ana, you get city life with top of the line restaurants, shopping, activities, and culture. However, the traffic and cost of living are way less than San Salvador.

The city is rich in tradition and history, iconic buildings such as the Cathedral of Santa Ana, the National Theater, and the Municipal Palace are great for learning Salvadoran history.

Furthermore, near the city are some of the best touristic spots in the country, Coatepeque Lake, Santa Ana Volcano, Cerro Verde National Park, and Izalco Volcano are some of them.

Undoubtedly, the city of Santa Ana is one of the best places to live in El Salvador; see if it’s right for you.

Santa Tecla.

Santa Tecla is one of the best places to live in El Salvador; however, just like San Salvador, the cost of living is one of the highest in the country.

This city is for those who want an urban environment with shopping malls, museums, restaurants, and nightlife. But, there are also plenty of outdoor activities nearby such as hiking El Boqueron National Park or visiting Plan de La Laguna botanical garden.

Without a doubt, finding the right neighborhood for you will not be a problem, there are plenty of them and all over the city.

As always, talk to a real estate professional to help you choose the right place for you.


Ahuachapan, a smaller city in the western part of the country near the Guatemalan border. The city of around 100,000 residents is near some of the best coffee plantations in the country.

The city itself has great traditions and history going back to colonial times or even before. Furthermore, smaller touristic towns like Apaneca, Nahuizalco, and Ataco are nearby.

Residents who like outdoor activities go to El Imposible National Park, one of the best in the country.

The overall pace of life in Ahuachapan is more relaxed; see if this city is for you.


Suchitoto is known for being a top touristic destination in El Salvador, however, for some people is a great place to move in to.

The local community is welcoming to newcomers, especially foreigners. As a newcomer, you will not have a hard time making friendships with locals or the foreigners already living in town.

Living in this town may not be for everyone, the cost of living is low, but employment opportunities are rare and pay the Salvadoran minimum wage around $250 per month. You can probably live a comfortable life here with $500 to $700 per month, but you will need your own source of income, other than finding employment in town.

Before moving to Suchitoto, spend a few days or weeks in town and see if it’s for you. Want to know more about Suchitoto? Click here!


Juayua is a small colonial town west of San Salvador, surrounded by volcanos and green forest; also, top-quality coffee plantations are nearby.

Equally to Suchitoto, the cost of living is less, but making a living in town will be difficult. To live a comfortable life here, you will need your own source of income.

Life in Juayua is small-town living, there are no nightclubs or movie theaters to speak of. This small town, however, is one of the most visited in the country by local and foreign tourists.

A great tradition where you will see plenty of foreigners is the weekend food festival. Every Saturdays and Sundays during the entire year the town has a food festival; local and foreign tourist alike, arrive in town to enjoy some traditional local cuisine.

Just like Suchitoto, before moving in, spend a few days or weeks in town; see if life in Juayua is for you.

El Tunco.

The village or small town of El Tunco, without a doubt, is a surfers paradise. It’s a top place to live in the country if you like surfing during the days and wild parties during the weekend.

This village with only two streets has one of the top surf spots in the country. People who live here during the weekdays are surrounded mostly by local and foreign surfers enjoying some waves. However, during the weekend it gets crowded with locals, from the nearby cities, looking to party.

If you like living at the beach or surfing, but don’t want to be living around crazy parties, living in La Libertad is an option. Do you want to learn more about El Tunco? If yes, click here!

Specific communities and neighborhoods.

I didn’t mention any communities and neighborhoods on purpose. For one thing, there are too many of them with great qualities, it will be hard to narrow down the list. Not to mention that the list will be based on my own views and opinions, which can be way different than yours.

Just like any move that you have made in the past or plan to make in the future; it’s a two-step process, find the place you want to live and then choose the right neighborhood for you.

Conclusion – The best places to live in El Salvador.

As I mention at the beginning, in my opinion, these are the best places to live in El Salvador; you or anyone else can agree or disagree with this list. I just hope it helps you as a guideline to see what is there when looking for a place to move in El Salvador.