Living in El Salvador

Water Pollution in El Salvador

Water pollution in El Salvador. Getting worse every year.

The water pollution in El Salvador is getting worse every year. The country has less drinkable water due to the contamination of rivers, lakes, ponds, streams, and wells. Every year more people are getting sick due to drinking non-potable … Read more

Driving in El Salvador

Driving in El Salvador. What you need to know!

Driving in El Salvador is done on the right side of the road, and overtaking occurs on the left. To drive in El Salvador, drivers need to be of legal Salvadoran driving age, 18 years old. Also, have a … Read more

Cost of living in El Salvador

Cost of living in El Salvador in 2021. How high or low is it?

The cost of living in El Salvador for a family of four, without rent, ranges from $1,000 to $2000. However, these ranges can go as low as $600 or higher than $2000. Circumstances such as living location and individual … Read more

Minimum wage in el salvador

The minimum wage in El Salvador in 2021.

The minimum wage in El Salvador is $304.17 a month for the commerce and service sector; $299.30 for the manufacturing and textile sector; $227.22 for coffee and sugar field workers; and 202.82 for the agriculture and cotton sector. Minimum … Read more

Inequality in El Salvador

Fighting inequality in El Salvador during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Inequality in El Salvador is one of the main reasons the country has large problems related to health, education, poverty, and violence. In recent years, El Salvador has been making progress toward becoming a nation with more equality; but, … Read more

San Salvador

San Salvador is no longer one of the most dangerous cities in the world.

Yes, that is correct, San Salvador is no longer one of the most dangerous cities in the world. For many years, the nation’s capital was amongst the top most dangerous cities in the world. Starting in 2020, San Salvador … Read more

Air quality in El Salvador

Air quality in El Salvador. How bad is it? What can we do?

The air quality in El Salvador is poor, this is due to several factors related to contamination and pollution. Older vehicles in circulation, agricultural burning practices, lack of emissions regulation, and solid waste disposal, are some of the main … Read more

Coronavirus El Salvador

Coronavirus El Salvador. See the latest available info.

Totals COVID-19 cases in El Salvador as of If you live in El Salvador and have an emergency related to coronavirus, you can call 132 from any Salvadoran phone network and ask for help or ask questions. COVID-19 Cases … Read more

El Salvador Departments

El Salvador Departments and Municipalities. Get to know them.

El Salvador Departments. To better manage and govern the densely populated country, El Salvador is divided into 14 departments and 262 municipalities. The country’s departments or states do not have a central government or governor, so the governing is … Read more