Salvadoran Government improves infrastructure along coastal tourist locations, which is excellent for tourism

By Eddie Vasquez  |  Aug 30th, 2022
El Salvador CoastlineRoad to Surf City along CA-2, Coastal Highway.

President Nayib Bukele announced last Friday the second phase of Surf City 1, which includes the expansion of CA-2, the coastal highway, or Carretera Litoral. It will be an investment of US$203 million that will cover all the beaches in La Libertad department.

Bukele made the announcement while inaugurating Sunset Park alongside Chinese Ambassador Ou Jianhong. The new recreational park will help promote tourism on La Libertad beach; the entire project was a gift by the People's Republic of China.

The Bukele administration has focused on improving the infrastructure along the Salvadoran coast to promote tourism to the region. More local and international tourism will help the local economies.

The improvements began with the Surf City project, which included the road to surf city. This road makes it easy to get to these excellent beaches from the capital or the international airport and vice versa.

President Bukele stated that $203 million would be invested in phase two of Surf City 1. The main project is to widen the CA-2 highway (Calle del Litoral) to four lanes. The road improvement (21 kilometers) will go from Playa El Obispo to El Zonte beach, also known as Bitcoin beach.

El Zonte, for many, is known as Bitcoin Beach; we named it that because that is where the Bitcoin project began. Many tourists go to this beach, and the roads are still muddy and in poor condition. For this, we will invest in public areas.”President Nyib Bukele.

The road modification during phase two also includes bike paths in the 21 kilometers, a new drainage system, pedestrian crossings, 14 bridges, underground electrical wiring, intelligent traffic lights, five viewpoints, and three squares.

Phase two of Surf City 1 is not the only project coming to the Salvadoran coast in 2022-23. In August, president Bukele also inaugurated Surf City 2, which will improve roads and other infrastructures near some of the top beaches in Eastern El Salvador. From El Cuco Beach to Playa El Espino.

Surf City 2 will be divided into two phases. Phase one will start from Punta Mango beach to El Cuco with an investment of $41 million. Phase two will start from the same point as phase one to El Espino beach, an investment of $55 million.

The Bukele administration wants to use the excellent Salvadoran beaches to attract tourism and investments that, in turn, will create jobs and improve the economy. Also, improved tourism could change the perception of El Salvador worldwide.

With all the investment being made in Surf City, it is intended to serve 1,000,000 annual visitors; this will translate into jobs and foreign exchange flow.” Nayib Bukele.