President Bukele announces Surf City El Salvador’s circuit two in Eastern El Salvador

By Eddie Vasquez  |  Aug 15th, 2022
Punta Mango Beach El SalvadorPlaya Punta Mango in El Salvador.

President Nayib Bukele announced circuit two of Surf City El Salvador is ready to begin construction; Bukele made the announcement at the famous Punta Mango beach surf spot in Jucuaran on August 11th. Circuit two is the development of the coastal areas in Eastern El Salvador.

According to the president, phase one of the project will have an inversion of 41 million. It will include a double-lane road from Punta Mango beach to El Cuco beach. The current road is a single-lane dirt road in awful condition.

This will be the new road to Punta Mango. Where there is now a muddy road, there will soon be a vibrant street full of national and international tourism.” President Bukele.

Additionally, the new road will have a bike lane, underground wiring, seven bridges, and viewpoints of the Salvadoran Pacific coastline.

President Bukele stated during the press conference that phase two would have an investment of $55 million; it will include a road from Punta Mango beach to El Espino beach.

Before, you had to go two and a half hours to get to the urban area. With this project, the quality of life of local residents will improve; it will bring education, health, and work.” Nayib Bukele.

The eastern region of El Salvador has fantastic renowned surfing spots; however, the poor infrastructure of the area, primarily the roads, is a reason why they are not a top tourist destination.

When completed, this project will help increase tourism to the region and improve the local economy of the municipalities; it will create direct and indirect jobs.

Increased tourism will not be the only benefit to residents. The new road will help the mobility problem locals have had for years; it will become easier to go from the coastal area to central cities and vice-versa.

The construction of the road will lead to other investments in the area. Salvadoran ambassador to the United States, Milena Mayorga, twitted the following.

In May, we showed 5 beaches in Eastern El Salvador to Grupo Invictus; they flew over the entire coastline, including Punta Mango. The investment promise is $1.2 billion and includes Phase 1 and 2 of the beach circuit.” Milena Mayorga.