Milena Mayorga, the new Salvadoran ambassador to the USA.

Milena Mayorga
 September 25, 2020   By Eddie Galdamez

During a nationally televised address to the nation, President Nayib Bukele announced that Milena Mayorga was being appointed as the new Salvadoran ambassador to the United States.

In the same event, Mayorga was sworn in and accepted her new role. The next step is for the US government to admit her credentials as the new Salvadoran ambassador.

“I am sure that a woman like Milena Mayorga will serve our country incredibly. Especially in this very important position, which is our Embassy in the United States, our most important international partner in the world.”
Nayib Bukele.

Currently, Milena Mayorga is a congresswoman representing San Salvador in the Legislative Assembly. She won her seat at the Salvadoran congress in 2018, under the flag of the right-wing political party ARENA.

Milena Mayorga renounced her alliance to ARENA in June 2020. Therefore, she was not going to be eligible for reelection with any other political party or as an independent candidate.

After the announcement was made, people took to social media an express her congratulations to the newly appointed ambassador.

“God bless you, Milena Mayorga. Fill our country and our brothers in the diaspora with pride; with your voice and actions, we will consolidate our relations with the brother country. You will be an excellent ambassador.”
Mario Duran.
It is with great pleasure that we have seen on a Cadena Nacional the swearing-in of Deputy Milena Mayorga as Ambassador of El Salvador in the United States of America.
A very deserved position that falls to a brave woman and dedicated to our Country. Congratulations!
Guillermo Gallegos.

Some in the opposition, such as Ernesto Muyshondt, mayor of San Salvador, congratulated Milena, but at the same time mentioned that this position has been vacant for over a year.

It is good that we finally have an Ambassador to the United States, our main commercial partner, cooperator and a country that is home to almost 3 million compatriots. Too bad it took almost a year and a half to name it. Our best wishes and support to Milena Mayorga.
Ernesto Muyshondt

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