Luis Parada to Run as Candidate for President in El Salvador’s 2024 Elections

Parada will Run Under the Nuestro Tiempo Political Party

By Karla Ramos  |  Jun 1st, 2023
Luis Parada El Salvador
Salvadoran Politician Luis Parada,. Photo by Luis Parada

Luis Parada, a lawyer residing in the United States, agreed to be a presidential candidate for the upcoming 2024 presidential elections. Parada will run under the Nuestro Tiempo political flag. Human rights defender Celia Medrano will run as a pre-candidate for vice president of the Republic.

I have decided to accept the challenge of being part of the formula that will represent the citizen agenda proposed by @SUMARxES. We are convinced that we are a different option for the upcoming 2024 presidential elections because we are more Salvadorans with a democratic vocation and commitment to building a country for all.
Luis Parada.

Parada, a retired military man of Salvadoran origin, assured that they are “a different option for the upcoming 2024 presidential elections and that they are Salvadorans with a democratic vocation and commitment to building a country for all.”

Luis Parada has already been enrolled in the Nuestro Tiempo political party; the opposition party still has its internal process open for the election of candidates for the 2024 elections.

Andy Failer, the president of Nuestro Tiempo, confirmed that Parada and Medrano had registered with the said political institute as a formula presented by civil society to participate in next year’s elections.

Yesterday May 31, Luis Parada and Celia Medrano joined Nuestroi Tiempo as a proposed presidential formula. I officially welcome you to Nuestro Tiempo. Your courage gives us hope. Now, let’s expand this democratic unity much more.
Andy Failer.

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Failer explained that Parada has been registered as a candidate for the presidential candidacy. While Medrano did so as a running mate for the vice presidency. “This is the formula of the future,” said Failer.

The Parada/Medrano presidential formula has an uphill battle. President Bukele remains with a high approval rating. Also, both Parada and Medfran have deep ties to ARENA and FMLN, two political parties with extremely low approval ratings.

Politicians and those allied with the Bukele administration have already begun attacking Parada, because of his past ties to the right-wing political party ARENA.

I summarize the formula: One, from the Death Squads club and a student of Paco Flores [Luis Parada ARENA]. The other is from the Las Dignas club and a student of Vanda Pignato and Joaquín Villalobos [Celia Medrano FMLN].
Christian Guevara, New Ideas.