Luis Parada: Our Time 2024 Presidential Candidate

Parada will Run Under the Nuestro Tiempo Political Party

By Eddie Galdamez  | Updated on Nov 8th, 2023
Luis Parada El Salvador PoliticianLuis Parada in Washington DC. Image by LAParadaF.

Luis Parada is a presidential candidate for the 2024 Salvadoran Elections; Parada is a former member of the Salvadoran military and a lawyer residing in the United States.

Parada will run under the Nuestro Tiempo political flag; he will face Nayib Bukele, the most popular politician in the region. Human rights defender Celia Medrano will run as a pre-candidate for vice president of the Republic.

I have decided to accept the challenge of being part of the formula that will represent the citizen agenda proposed by @SUMARxES. We are convinced that we are a different option for the upcoming 2024 presidential elections because we are more Salvadorans with a democratic vocation and commitment to building a country for all. Luis Parada.

Luis Parada is looking to win the upcoming 2024 presidential elections by giving Salvadorans a different option; Parada argues that the country is on the wrong path under the Nayib Bukele presidency.

Parada also believes that Nayib Bukele should not be running for a second presidential term; according to him, the Salvadoran Constitution prohibits re-election.

I am not competing against the president. He is competing against the Constitution. He is violating and wanting to destroy the Constitution. I am not validating any candidacy. Luis Parada of Nuestro Tiempo.

The Nuestro Tiempo candidate also argues that the security El Salvador is experiencing under the Bukele administration is an illusion.

“The true security plan of this government has been to negotiate and pact with the gangs. The house of cards begins to fall. He has sold them a lie,” stated Parada in a November 7 interview.

The Nuestro Tiempo candidate is facing an uphill battle against Nayib Bukele. The first presidential candidate’s survey showed that only 2% of voters intended to vote for the Nuestro Tiempo formula.

According to the results, the presidential formula Nayib Bukele – Félix Ulloa, from NI, who would go for a second term, reached 68.4% of the voting intention among those interviewed; Far behind are Luis Parada – Celia Medrano, from Nuestro Tiempo with 2%. Gavidia University Survey.

The Nuestro Tiempo’s presidential candidate, Luis Parada, ruled out withdrawing from the electoral race despite the results of some polls.

Luis Parada downplayed the data from the Gavidia survey that position him with a 2% support in electoral preferences. “I feel optimistic because the surveys do not reflect what people think,” noted Parada.