El Salvador’s basic food basket cost

El Salvador’s Basic Food Basket Cost in 2024 is $256.74 in Urban Areas

El Salvador’s basic food basket cost per family is $256.74 for the urban sector and $185.12 for rural areas. The Salvadoran essential food basket cost in urban areas is about 27.9% more expensive than in the rural sector. One of the principal worries Salvadorans have entering 2024 is the high … Read more

Remittances to El Salvador

Remittances to El Salvador in January 2024 Decreased by 0.36% Compared to January 2023

Family remittances to El Salvador dropped by 0.36% in January of this year compared to January 2023. According to the Central Reserve Bank of El Salvador (BCR), remittances to El Salvador in January 2024 totaled $594.1 million. Last year, remittances to El Salvador reached a new high; in 2023, the … Read more

Costa Rica Police

As Security Crisis Deepens, Costa Rica Struggles

Authorities in Costa Rica have announced 10 policies to address the country’s worsening security crisis, but the reforms do not tackle budget shortfalls and underlying causes of crime. Leaders of Costa Rica’s three branches of government met on January 30 to determine a course of action. If approved, the measures will include increasing prison sentences, expanding the scope for prosecutors to bring charges against … Read more

2024 Salvadoran Legislative Election

2024 Salvadoran Legislative Election Results: New Ideas to Have Absolute Control of the 2024-2027 Congress

Following a tumultuous two-week period since voting for the 2024 Salvadoran Legislative Elections ended, the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) completed its comprehensive vote scrutiny and released the results. “The Supreme Electoral Tribunal informs the Salvadoran population that it concludes the final scrutiny corresponding to the election of deputies to the … Read more

2024 Salvadoran Presidential Elections

Nayib Bukele Wins the 2024 Salvadoran Presidential Elections With 84.65% of Votes

Nayib Bukele clinched a resounding victory in the 2024 Salvadoran presidential elections with over 2.7 million votes, 84.65% of the total. President Bukele will be sworn in for his 2nd presidential term on June 1, 2024. Bukele received 1,266,869 million more votes during the 2024 election than in the 2019 … Read more

Days without homicides in El Salvador

37 Days Without Homicides in El Salvador in 2024, and Over 510 During the Bukele Administration

Thus far in 2024, there have been 37 days without homicides in El Salvador; also, the country has achieved over 510 in total under the Bukele administration. It is an impressive achievement, considering that before the Nayib Bukele Presidency, El Salvador had experienced less than five days without homicides in … Read more

El Salvador Homicide Rate

In 2024, El Salvador’s Homicide Rate Is 0.29 per Day or 1.7 Homicides per Every 100,000 Inhabitants

El Salvador starts 2024 with lower homicide numbers than last year; as of February 17, 2024, the country’s homicide rate stands at 0.29 per day or 1.7 homicides per every 100,000 inhabitants. Furthermore, thus far this year, El Salvador has achieved 37 days with zero homicides. In 2023, El Salvador’s … Read more