Surf Tournaments in El Salvador

2023 Surf Tournaments in El Salvador. The WSL Surf City Pro Championship is Next (June 9 to 18)

The upcoming Surf tournaments in El Salvador are the WSL Surf City pro championship from June 9 to 18, the Central American and Caribbean Games from June 23 to July 8, the WSL Longboard Classic on September 19, and the Alas pro tour in November. Once again, El Salvador surf … Read more

Honduras State of Exception

Honduras Makes Few Advances Against Crime During 6-Month State of Exception

The state of exception in Honduras has now been in place for six months. But contrary to government claims and National Police figures, the policy has done little to reduce criminal activity in the country. President Xiomara Castro first implemented the state of exception in December 2022 and has since extended it twice. It will last until at least July 5. The policy aims to decrease crimes like … Read more

El Salvador Homicide Rate

El Salvador Homicide Rate (2010-2023). The Daily Murder Rate for 2023 is 0.4

El Salvador homicide rate in 2022 was 1.4 per day or 7.8 homicides per 100,000 inhabitants. The Salvadoran government reported that 2022 closed with 495 murders, a reduction of 56.84% compared to 2021. 2022 ended as the safest year in Salvadoran history since the end of the civil war. Between … Read more

Days without homicides in El Salvador

108 Days Without Homicides in El Salvador in 2023 and 378 Total Under the Bukele Administration

Under the Bukele administration, there have been 378 days with zero homicides in El Salvador. The days with zero homicides in El Salvador are an impressive achievement considering that before the Nayib Bukele Presidency, El Salvador had experienced only one day with zero homicides in 15 years. To put it … Read more

Luis Parada El Salvador

Luis Parada to Run as Candidate for President in El Salvador’s 2024 Elections

Luis Parada, a lawyer residing in the United States, agreed to be a presidential candidate for the upcoming 2024 presidential elections. Parada will run under the Nuestro Tiempo political flag. Human rights defender Celia Medrano will run as a pre-candidate for vice president of the Republic. I have decided to … Read more