2024 Salvadoran elections will take place on February 3rd and March 4th, 2024

Eddie Vasquez  |  Aug 11th, 2022
2024 Salvadoran Elections
Supreme Electoral Tribunal Magistrates during a press conference. Image by @TSEElSalvador

The 2024 Salvadoran Elections will take place on February 3rd and March 4th, 2024, according to an announcement made by the Salvadoran Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) on August 11th, 2022.

As the highest authority in electoral matters, based on articles 63, numeral B, and 169, final paragraph, of the Electoral Code, and within the framework of the election planning process, we have arranged to hold the elections separately, on two separate dates.” Dora Martinez, TSE president.

The 2024 elections will split into two dates because the presidential elections coincide in the same year with those of deputies of the Legislative Assembly and Parlacen and municipal councils; this happens every 15 years!

“We announce to Salvadorans that on Sunday, February 4th, the election of President and Vice President of the Republic and the election of deputies to the Legislative Assembly will take place,” stated Dora Esmeralda Martinez, president of the TSE.

And if there is a need for a second round of voting for president and vice president, it will occur on March 3rd.

Martinez also stated that elections for municipality councils and deputies of the Central American Parliament are scheduled for March 3rd of the same year.

The 2024 elections will be different than previous years; For the first time, Salvadorans residing abroad will be able to cast their vote electronically. The Salvadoran diaspora will also be able to participate in all four elections, presidential, municipal, legislative, and Central American Parlament.

Previously, Salvadorans living abroad could only vote for president and vice-president. Also, the option of casting their vote via the internet was not available then.

Although the 2024 Salvadoran elections are about 20 months away, it is already a prominent topic of conversation as it could be the first time in the history of El Salvador that a sitting president seeks re-election.

If President Nayib Bukele seeks re-election, he will most likely get it. After more than three years in office, the Salvadoran president still enjoys a high approval rate.

Also, the main opposing parties have collapsed (ARENA and FMLn) and lost the approval of the majority of Salvadorans; furthermore, the New Ideas political party has higher support than the rest of the political parties combined.