Insights Into the 2024 Salvadoran Elections Results: Democracy in Action!

Eddie Vasquez  |  Mar 23rd, 2024
2024 Salvadoran ElectionsDowntown San Salvador. Image by Ministerio de Cultura.

The 2024 Salvadoran Elections marked a pivotal moment in the country’s political landscape. It was the first time an incumbent president ran for re-election in over 50 years and won with 84.65% of the votes.

The elections saw Nayib Bukele’s New Ideas political party assert a commanding victory in all four elections (Presidential, legislative, municipal, and Central American Parliament).

The election results strongly suggest Salvadoran’s satisfaction with Nayib Bukele’s governance approach. The New Ideas political party is widely perceived as Bukele’s loyal support base, reflecting the electorate’s endorsement of his leadership style and policies.

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San Salvador, El Salvador capital city. Image by Ministerio de Turismo

2024 Salvadoran Presidential Elections: Nayib Bukele Wins With 84.65% of the Votes

Nayib Bukele clinched a resounding victory in the 2024 Salvadoran presidential elections with over 2.7 million votes, 84.65% of the total. President Bukele will be sworn in for his 2nd presidential term on June 1, 2024.

Bukele received 1,266,869 million more votes during the 2024 election than in the 2019 presidential elections, an 88.29% increment. In 2019, Bukele won in the first round of the presidential elections voting with 1,434,856 votes, 53.10%.

The Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) released their official “Final scrutiny record of the election of president and vice president of the Republic of El Salvador for the period 2024-2029,” declaring Nayib Bukele the winner.

2024 Salvadoran Presidential Elections
Candidate Political Party Votes
Nayib Bukele New Ideas 2,701,725 84.65%
Manuel Flores FMLN 204,167 6.40%
Joel Sanchez ARENA 177,881 5.57%
Luis Parada NT 65,076 2.04%
Javier Renderos FS 23,473 0.74%
Marina Murillo FPS 19,293 0.60%

Altogether, 3,191,615 Salvadorans cast their votes both domestically and abroad, representing approximately 52% of eligible voters. Notably, 84.65% of these votes were in favor of Nayib Bukele.

In El Salvador, Nayib Bukele obtained 5,473,305 votes, equivalent to 83.13% of the total. Remarkably, outside the country, Bukele secured an overwhelming 97.88% of the votes, totaling 329,650.

Government officials from numerous countries congratulated Bukele on his massive win.

A cordial greeting to the President Nayib Bukele. The Salvadoran people have chosen and made their will heard. Guatemala extends its hand to advance peace and development for our sister nations. Bernardo Arévalo, Guatemala President.

My congratulations to the brother Salvadoran people for the peaceful and democratic election of Nayib Bukele. My best wishes for success to President Bukele. A fraternal hug for the Salvadorans. Rodrigo Chavez, Costa Rica’s President.

President Nayib Bukele, my sincere congratulations on your great electoral victory. His firm commitment to the security of the Salvadoran people spoke forcefully at the polls. With the greatest respect and consideration, I wish you success in your new mandate. Xiomara Castro de Zelaya, President of Honduras.

Congratulations to President-elect Nayib Bukele of El Salvador on his electoral victory. We look forward to continuing to prioritize good governance, inclusive economic prosperity, fair trial guarantees, and human rights in El Salvador under the Root Causes Strategy. US Secretary Antony Blinken.

We look forward to working with President-elect Bukele and Vice President-elect Ulloa following their inauguration in June. Much work ahead on inclusive economic prosperity, rule of law, humane migration management, and other critical areas. Brian A. Nichols.

Nayib Bukele’s second term as president will be marked by controversy. Many argue that his presidency is unconstitutional. This contentious aspect of his political journey to president will continue to spark debates and discussions surrounding the democratic processes in El Salvador.

2019 Salvadoran Presidential Elections
Candidate Political Party Votes
Nayib Bukele GANA 1,434,856 53.10%
Carlos Calleja ARENA 857,084 31.72%
Hugo Martinez FMLN 389,289 14.41%
Josue Alvarado VAMOS 20,763 0.77%
2024 Salvadoran Presidential Elections
President Nayib Bukele.

2024 Salvadoran Legislative Elections Results: New Ideas to Have Absolute Control of the 2024-2027 Congress

Following a tumultuous two-week period after voting for the 2024 Salvadoran Legislative Elections ended, the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) completed its comprehensive vote scrutiny and released the results.

The 2024 Legislative election resulted in one political party, New Ideas, obtaining a super majority and the two traditional parties, FMLN and ARENA, as the biggest losers.

The political landscape saw President Nayib Bukele’s party, New Ideas, secure a resounding victory, claiming 54 out of 60 legislative seats, constituting 90% of the total.

In contrast, ARENA, a once influential political entity until 2021, secured only 2 seats, while the FMLN failed to secure any representation.

2024 Salvadoran Legislative Elections Results
Name Political Party Department Marks
1 Ernesto Castro New Ideas San Salvador 385,813
2 Alexia Rivas New Ideas San Salvador 360,934
3 Suecy Callejas New Ideas San Salvador 349,911
4 Rodrigo Ayala New Ideas San Salvador 328,830
5 Christian Guevara New Ideas San Salvador 322,771
6 Dania Gonzalez New Ideas San Salvador 308,047
7 Elisa Rosales New Ideas San Salvador 306,202
8 Ana Figueroa New Ideas San Salvador 304,041
9 Edgardo Mulato New Ideas San Salvador 298,700
10 Ruben Flores New Ideas San Salvador 296,081
11 Dennis Salinas New Ideas San Salvador 295,135
12 Francisco Villatoro New Ideas San Salvador 291,076
13 Diana Fuentes New Ideas San Salvador 289,682
14 Benjamin Zavaleta New Ideas San Salvador 289,586
15 Claudia Ortiz VAMOS San Salvador 69,079
16 Marcela Villatoro ARENA San Salvador 38,502
17 Walter Aleman New Ideas La Libertad 92,632
18 Sharon Salazar New Ideas La Libertad 89,120
19 Ricardo Rivas New Ideas La Libertad 85,620
20 Salvador Chacon New Ideas La Libertad 83,723
21 Sandra Interiano New Ideas La Libertad 74,551
22 Norma Lobo New Ideas La Libertad 73,794
23 Francisco Lira ARENA La Libertad 19,737
24 Felipe Interiano New Ideas Santa Ana 86,312
25 Lorena Fuentes New Ideas Santa Ana 81,879
26 Giovanny Zaldaña New Ideas Santa Ana 72,880
27 Claudia Toleda New Ideas Santa Ana 62,868
28 Evelyn Merlos New Ideas Santa Ana 58,986
29 Samuel Martinez New Ideas Sonsonate 71,012
30 Hector Sales New Ideas Sonsonate 63,043
31 Mauricio Ortiz New Ideas Sonsonate 52,699
32 Raul Chamagua New Ideas Sonsonate 52,569
33 David Cupido New Ideas Sonsonate 44,350
34 Eduardo Amaya New Ideas San Miguel 59,566
35 Caleb Navarro New Ideas San Miguel 50,166
36 Erick Romero New Ideas San Miguel 49,594
37 Reynaldo Carballo PDC San Miguel 46,510
38 Andres Miranda New Ideas San Miguel 46,274
39 Johana Hernandez New Ideas Usulutan 44,431
40 Angel Lobos New Ideas Usulutan 42,158
41 Raul Castillo New Ideas Usulutan 38,375
42 Maricela de Guardado New Ideas Usulutan 32,528
43 Herberth Sierra New Ideas Ahuachapan 49,955
44 Estuardo Rodriguez New Ideas Ahuachapan 38,199
45 Serafin Orantes PCN Ahuachapan 32,923
46 Walter Coto New Ideas La Paz 52,314
47 Adolfo Rivas New Ideas La Paz 37,091
48 Herbert Rodas New Ideas La Paz 33,176
49 Frank Menjivar New Ideas Cabañas 19,838
50 Nancy Alfaro New Ideas Cabañas 19,310
51 Reynaldo cardoza PCN Chalatenango 28,062
52 Saul Mancia New Ideas Chalatenango 22,178
53 Janneth Molina New Ideas Cuscatlan 40,883
54 Jonathan Hernandez New Ideas Cuscatlan 36,031
55 Edgar Fuentes New Ideas San Vicente 23,909
56 Helen Jovel New Ideas San Vicente 21,615
57 William Soriano New Ideas La Union 47,664
58 Oscar Robles New Ideas La Union 29,395
59 Bladimir Barahona New Ideas Morazan 25,508
60 Juan Rodriguez New Ideas Morazan 22,989

Legislative Elections Winner

As predicted, the New Ideas political party was the big winner and is set to have complete control over the legislative term spanning from 2024 to 2027. New ideas won 54 of the 60 legislative seats, 90%.

The Bukele political party benefited from changing the way legislative seats were obtained. El Salvador changed from the HARE system to D’Hondt, which benefits the party with the most votes.

For example, New Ideas secured 71% of the votes in the 2024 Legislative elections, resulting in 54 deputies with the D’Hondt system, equivalent to 90%. However, under the previous HARE system, it would have garnered 44 deputies, constituting 73%.

The New Ideas opposition claims that the 2024 elections were not conducted fairly as the legislature made changes that affected other political parties. The changes were made by the New Ideas political party and allies, which control the 2021-2024 Congress.

The primary changes comprised switching the deputation assignment formula from HARE to D’Hondt, reducing the number of deputies from 84 to 60, and consolidating all overseas remote votes into the San Salvador department.

The changes undeniably worked in favor of the New Ideas party, granting them a substantial 90% of the available legislative seats.

2024 Salvadoran Elections

2024 Salvadoran Legislative Elections Losers

The political parties that lost the most in the 2024 legislative elections were the Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front FMLN and the Nationalist Republican Alliance ARENA.


The decline of the left-wing political party started after the party’s tenure in the executive branch from 2009 to 2019. It increased further in 2019 with the arrival of Nayib Bukele and then the New Ideas political party.

However, it got worse in this election as the FMLN Party didn’t win a single legislative seat in the 2024 elections.

The FMLN has had representation in the legislature since it began as a political party after the signing of the 1992 peace accords. Recently, the FMLN secured 31 legislative seats in 2015, followed by 23 in 2018, 4 in 2021, and none in 2024.

Changing to the D’Hondt system greatly affected the FMLN as they were the 3rd political party with the most votes and did not win a single seat; however, with the previous HARE system, they would have won five legislative seats.


In the 2024 legislative elections, the ARENA political party won two legislative seats, the lowest since the 1980’s.

In 2015, ARENA obtained 35 legislative seats, followed by 37 in 2018, 14 in 2021, and a mere 2 in 2024.

Since the 1980s, the right-wing political party ARENA has had the most influence on Salvadoran politics and government. Nevertheless, all that changed in 2019 when Nayib Bukele defeated them in the presidential elections.

Changing to the D’Hondt system also affected the ARENA political party. With the previous HARE system, they would have won five legislative seats instead of two.

2024 Salvadoran Legislative Election

The 2024 Salvadoran Legislative Elections marked a pivotal moment, showcasing New Ideas’ dominance with 90% of legislative seats. Electoral reforms and shifting political landscapes reshaped the distribution of legislative seats.

2024 Salvadoran Elections
New Ideas supporters celebrating Nayib Bukele win.

2024 Salvadoran Municipal Elections: Who Governs the 44 Municipalities of El Salvador?

These are the mayors who won in the 2024 Salvadoran Municipal Elections and their respective political affiliations; they will lead the 44 local governments under El Salvador’s new municipal map. Their term of office spans from May 1, 2024, to April 30, 2027.

The New Ideas political party, which controls the legislative and executive branches of government, will govern 28 of the 44 municipalities, 26 by themselves and 2 in coalition with the CD party.

The remaining 16 municipalities will be governed by mayors from five political parties: GANA with six, PDC with four, PCN with three, a coalition of PCN-PDC with one, ARENA with one, and Solidarity Force with one.

Ahuachapan Municipalities
Mayor Political Party Municipality
Darwin Regalado New Ideas Ahuachapan North
Luis Carlos Milla Garcia PCN Ahuachapan Center
Hugo Torrento New Ideas Ahuachapan South
Cabañas Municipalities
Mayor Political Party Municipality
Edgardo Portillo New Ideas Cabañas East
Lorenzo Rivas GANA Cabañas West
Chalatenango Municipalities
Mayor Political Party Municipality
Mario Adelmo Urbina PCN Chalatenango North
Martin Leiva New Ideas Chalatenango Center
Milton Serrano PCN Chalatenango South
Cuscatlan Municipalities
Mayor Political Party Municipality
Carlos Sanchez New Ideas Cuscatlan North
Guadalupe Campos New Ideas Cuscatlan South
La Libertad Municipalities
Mayor Political Party Municipality
Janet Gonzalez GANA La Libertad West
Milagro Navas ARENA La Libertad East
Jorge Escamilla New Ideas La Libertad North
Noe Rivera New Ideas La Libertad Center
Rafael Avalos Diaz GANA La Libertad Coast
Henry Flores New Ideas La Libertad South
La Paz Municipalities
Mayor Political Party Municipality
Marcela Pineda New Ideas La Paz East
Salvador Menendez GANA La Paz West
Armando Jiron GANA La Paz Center
La Union Municipalities
Mayor Political Party Municipality
Victoria Gutierrez New Ideas La Union South
Edwin Serpas New Ideas La Union North
Morazan Municipalities
Mayor Political Party Municipality
Justino Vigil New Ideas Morazan North
Cedrick Alexander Vasquez PCN-PDC Morazan South
San Miguel Municipalities
Mayor Political Party Municipality
Carlos Ernesto Mendez PDC San Miguel North
Jose Alexander Torres PDC San Miguel Center
Elias Villatoro New Ideas San Miguel West
San Salvador Municipalities
Mayor Political Party Municipality
Jose Armando Barrera GANA San Salvador North
Jose Urbina New Ideas San Salvador West
Jose Chicas New Ideas San Salvador East
Mario Duran New Ideas San Salvador Center
Mario Vasquez New Ideas San Salvador South
San Vicente Municipalities
Mayor Political Party Municipality
Samuel Carrillo New Ideas San Vicente North
Josue Palacios New Ideas San Vicente South
Santa Ana Municipalities
Mayor Political Party Municipality
Carolina Escobar New Ideas Santa Ana East
Carlos Landaverde New Ideas-CD Santa Ana North
Gustavo Acevedo New Ideas Santa Ana Center
Jorge Castro New Ideas Santa Ana West
Sonsonate Municipalities
Mayor Political Party Municipality
Hugo Zavaleta New Ideas Sonsonate North
Jose Roberto Aquino PDC Sonsonate Center
Gabriel Serrano New Ideas Sonsonate East
Chris Aleman New Ideas-CD Sonsonate West
Usulutan Municipalities
Mayor Political Party Municipality
Luz Maria Cruz Torres FS Usulutan North
Noemi Alfaro New Ideas Usulutan West
Santiago Martinez PDC Usulutan East

The other political parties that competed in the 2024 Salvadoran Municipal Elections but didn’t win any were the FMLN, NT, and VAMOS.

Central American Parliament Elections

In the Central American Parliament Elections (Parlacen), New Ideas, founded by Nayib Bukele in 2018, secured a significant win over its competitors, clinching 13 out of the 20 deputies allocated to El Salvador in the regional parliament.

The New Ideas political party received 799,433 votes, with ARENA and the FMLN trailing significantly with 163,432 and 192,926 votes, respectively. ARENA and the FMLN managed to secure two legislators each, while GANA, PCN, and the PDC each earned one deputy.

2024 Salvadoran Central American Parliament Elections
Name Political Party Marks
1 Yiseel Barahona New Ideas 143,452
2 Carlos Hernandez New Ideas 101,288
3 Michelle de Murillo New Ideas 95,751
4 Guadalupe Raymundo New Ideas 93,527
5 Cecilia Vargas New Ideas 89,079
6 Cecilia Rivera New Ideas 83,896
7 Bryan Orellana New Ideas 81,931
8 Lisseth Arias New Ideas 78,952
9 Eduardo Carias New Ideas 76,807
10 Carlos Rivas New Ideas 75,528
11 Angel Maravilla New Ideas 73,863
12 Glenda Estrada New Ideas 72,242
13 Carolina Hernandez New Ideas 69,361
14 Heidy Mira ARENA 38,568
15 Jeannette Palacios ARENA 24,990
16 Rina ARAUJO FMLN 27,264
17 Mirtala Lopez FMLN 18,681
18 Nelson Guardado GANA 32,629
19 Nelson de la Cruz Alvarado PDC 30,585
20 Roberto Rivas PCN 23,689

The 2024 Salvadoran Elections

In conclusion, the 2024 Salvadoran Elections underscored Nayib Bukele’s strong support among voters, as demonstrated by the decisive victory of his New Ideas political party.

This electoral outcome signifies a significant endorsement of Bukele’s leadership and policies by the Salvadoran electorate.