Apaneca El Salvador. Charming Town in Ahuachapan

By Eddie.  |  Jul 24th, 2022
Apaneca El Salvador
Charming Town in Ahuachapan.

Apaneca El Salvador is a municipality in the department of Ahuachapan; it is a mountainous area of 45.13 square kilometers. Apaneca is located at an elevation of 1,486 meters above sea level.

The municipality of Apaneca is a top tourist destination, high up in the mountains. It combines adventure, gastronomy, history, culture, a cooler climate, and plenty of tourist spots to enjoy.

The principal sources of income for the municipality are tourism and coffee production. Apaneca is one of the most visited towns in El Salvador. Apaneca is part of the popular Ruta de Las Flores tourist route. It includes six small municipalities in Western El Salvador.

Apaneca in El Salvador.
Apaneca in Ahuachapan. Photo by Mariana

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This picturesque city sits at a high elevation of over 1,400 meters above sea level; therefore, it has a colder climate ideal for relaxation, and of course, growing coffee.

The municipality of Apaneca has extinct volcanoes and densely vegetated mountains; they give it a unique look that attracts local and foreign travelers. It is the ideal place to rest and relax. In this location, visitors will find plenty of attractions to keep them busy. Here are some of them!

The Labyrinth of Albania

The Labyrinth of Albania is the most prominent maze in El Salvador. It is located on the outskirts of Apaneca in the Albania coffee farm; it is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the municipality.

El Salvador Maze
The Labyrinth of Albania in Apaneca.

The maze was built using more than 2,000 cypress trees meticulously planted to give it its current appearance.

Visitors to this attraction can venture into the maze or stay at the terrace and enjoy a locally grown cup of coffee.

The Church of St. Andrew the Apostle

The beautiful San Andrew church was one of the oldest churches in the country; it was built in 1798; however, in 2001, an earthquake reduced it to rubble.

The church was rebuilt with a similar appearance to the old one. And even though the church is newer, the style can be considered colonial.

The San Andrew church is a cultural heritage of the nation and an emblem of the colonial legacy in El Salvador that you must see while in Apaneca.

The Green Lagoon

At about five kilometers from the urban part of Apaneca, you will find the impressive green lagoon, which lies on the crater of the dormant Ahuachapan volcano.

At the lagoon, you will not be able to swim; however, you will be able to enjoy the pleasant weather, the flora, and the fauna.

The green lagoon is an ideal place for sightseeing and resting; visit and enjoy the tranquility of the waters and the nature that surrounds it.

Green Lagoon in Apaneca
The Green Lagoon in Apaneca.

The Las Ninfas Lagoon

Another popular attraction in the municipality of Apaneca is the Las Ninfas Lagoon, which is located inside a dormant volcano crater.

This lagoon is not that well-known; nonetheless, it is still a popular attraction in Apaneca worth visiting.

The lagoon is called Las Ninfas due to the high number of nymphs flowers that grow and flourish in this area.

Things to do in Apaneca El Salvador

The Apaneca area has one of the most stunning landscapes in the country. It offers plenty of things to do for those visiting. The following are some of the things that you can do in the colorful municipality of Apaneca.

Visit a Coffee Farm

Because of the high altitude and volcanic terrain, Apaneca is a top producer of coffee beans. In the Apaneca area, you can visit a coffee farm and sample some of their products.

If you like coffee, this area is perfect for you. Around Apaneca, you will find coffee farms that let you tour their facilities and see the coffee-making process.

Get Lost at the Local Maze

Visiting the Labyrinth of Albania, a beautiful maze in El Salvador made up of cypress trees, is a good option.

Travel to this coffee farm, try some of the local food items or their coffee, and then venture into the maze. Visiting this place is one of e top things to do in Apaneca.

Enjoy the Weather and Panoramic Views

Apaneca is part of one of the most popular tourist routes in El Salvador, La Ruta de Las Flores. This municipality has excellent weather and great panoramic views.

So, you can simply visit Apaneca, relax and enjoy the pleasant climate and the beautiful scenery found all around you.

Municipality of Apanecaa
Municipality of Apanecaa in Ahuachapan. Photo by Darkonian

Try the Local Gastronomy

While visiting Apaneca, you will have plenty of options to try the local gastronomy. Towns such as Juayua and Apaneca put a lot of time and effort into creating local dishes that visitors will enjoy.

During the weekdays, you can try these dishes at any of the small restaurants around the municipality. Yet, on the weekends, you can try these typical foods at the food festivals; they take place at the municipal parks.

During the food festival or at any time during the week, you will be able to eat many of the traditional Salvadoran foods, in addition to the local dishes created at Apaneca.

Be Active and try Extreme Sports

In Apaneca, you can be active and try extreme sports such as canopy, and boogie carts. If you want to explore the municipality and do it differently, I recommend you do it by renting boogie carts. Apaneca Aventura Buggy Tours is one of the companies that has fantastic reviews online and that you might want to try.

Another fantastic thing to do in Apaneca is the canopy ziplines; venture into the forest of this municipality and go ziplining.

Extreme Sports
Apaneca’s ectreme sports.

Visit the Lagoons

Taking a trip to the green or Ninfas lagoon is another activity in Apaneca worth doing. If you are up to, hike to the lagoons; it is worth doing. You can also get it done by renting boogie carts or driving to the lagoon locations.

Accommodations in Apaneca El Salvador

Apaneca is a charming municipality that is visited by many local and foreign tourists; therefore, inviting accommodations are available for those looking to stay in the area.

The above-mentioned hotels are not the only ones available in the area. To find other accommodations, you can either do a web search or talk to a tour company in El Salvador and see what they recommend.

Church in Apaneca El Salvador
The Church of St. Andrew the Apostle.

Apaneca El Salvador

Without a doubt, the municipality of Apaneca El Salvador is one of the country’s most attractive places to visit, the cobbled streets and colorful adobe houses are great to look at.

This town is blissfully quiet during the week; however, during the weekends, it comes alive with increasing numbers of visitors from the capital and other cities.

Travel to Apaneca El Salvador and enjoy everything this colorful municipality has to offer.