Tour companies in El Salvador

By Eddie. on February 4, 2020

Tour companies in El Salvador.

The tour companies in El Salvador offer fantastic services to all types of visitors and to all the major touristic attractions in El Salvador; you can start on the coast near the airport and go all the way to the mountains near the Honduran border.

El Salvador is a small country; therefore, all of the major touristic attractions are not that far apart. However, driving or taking public transportation is not the best way to get to know the country.

Tour companies in El Salvador

The touring companies in El Salvador know how to get you to your destination the fastest and safest way possible. Consider using a tour company, let them worry about driving.

These are five popular tour companies in El Salvador that have good reviews online and have been in business for a long time.

Salvadoran Tours.

Contact: (503)2243-6113

Salvadoran Tours is a family-owned touring business that has been in business for over 13 years. They offer touring services to the vast majority of touristic spots in El Salvador. Since 2006, this touring company has been providing personalized services to its customers. Additionally, they have outstanding reviews online.


Gringo Tours.

Contact: (503)7860-9435

Gringo Tours Suchitoto is a touring company based out of the colorful town of Suchitoto, the company has been in existence since 2007. They offer a vast array of tour packages, either for one day or multiple days. These packages include all the major touristic sites in El Salvador.

Tunco Life

Contact: (503) 7011-5350

Tunco Life is a tour company based out of El Tunco beach, one of the most popular beaches in El Salvador. This company has private tours to the vast majority of tourist spots in El Salvador. Additionally, they can arrange surf lessons, airport transfers, and shuttle services.

Eco Tours Petate

Contact: (503) 7181-9077

Eco-Tours Petate is a versatile and dynamic touring company in El Salvador. This touring company offers tour packages such as day packages and layover packages to major touristic spots in the country. Additionally, they provide transportation for individuals or large groups.

Nahuat Tours

Contact: (503)7874-8402 or (503)7929-6166

NAHUAT TOURS is a Salvadoran touring company dedicated to providing tours to all major touristic sites in the country. Their touring packages are suitable for all types of travelers, they have day packages and stopover packages as well. Also, NAHUAT TOURS provides transportation services with bilingual staff.

The five tour companies listed above are not the only ones in El Salvador, there are many others. The ones on this list are some of the most well known and also have fantastic reviews online.

Why use tour companies in El Salvador.

To better enjoy your time in El Salvador, you should definitely use the services of a touring company.

Unusually, the most challenging part is getting to the touristic spots, the roads in El Salvador are not well maintained, and the public transportation system is really inadequate.

The tour companies in El Salvador are professional and knowledgeable of the area; let them worry about the road and traffic.

If you think that I should add other companies to the list, please let me know by email at [email protected].