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Day of the Cross in El Salvador

The Day of the Cross in El Salvador: A Celebration of Faith and Heritage

The Day of the Cross in El Salvador is celebrated yearly on May 3rd. It is a beloved Salvadoran tradition where people adorn crosses made from Jiote trees with fruits, flowers, and paper ornaments, symbolizing faith, heritage, and community celebration. This Salvadoran tradition has pre-Hispanic and Christian roots that date … Read more

Plaza Libertad El Salvador

April 2024: One of the Safest Months in El Salvador in Over Four Decades

Based on homicides, April 2024 enters the list of the safest months in El Salvador in over 40-plus years. April 2024 ended with 13 homicides for a 0.43 daily rate; additionally, it achieved 19 days with zero homicides. April ended with seven more homicides than February 2024, the safest month … Read more

Surf Tournaments in El Salvador

The 2024 Surf Tournaments in El Salvador: The World Junior Surfing Championship Starts on May 3rd

Once again, the 2024 Surf Tournaments in El Salvador will bring attention to the excellent Salvadoran surfing spots and the Surf City El Salvador project. This year, the country will host four top-level international surfing competitions. The remaining surf tournaments in El Salvador for 2024 are the ISA World Junior … Read more

Expo Mango El Salvador Ichanmichen

Expo Mango El Salvador Ichanmichen! The Ideal Event to Enjoy Tasty Mango Foods, Drinks, and Sweets

Experience the allure of the Expo Mango El Salvador event at the Ichanmichen Recreational Park in Zacatecoluca. The Expo Mango offers culinary delights and mango varieties with cultural festivities that showcase the nation’s rich agricultural heritage and culinary expertise. The Expo Mango El Salvador is a family-oriented yearly event organized … Read more

El Salvador’s basic food basket cost

El Salvador’s Basic Food Basket Cost in 2024 is $254.79 in Urban Areas

El Salvador’s basic food basket cost per family is $254.79 for the urban sector and $183.02 for rural areas. The Salvadoran essential food basket cost in urban areas is about 28.2% more expensive than in the rural sector. One of the principal worries Salvadorans have in 2024 is the high … Read more

Remittances to El Salvador

Year to Date, Remittances to El Salvador Are Down $18.43 Million or 0.96%

Thus far, in 2024, remittances to El Salvador are down 0.96% compared to 2023. According to the Central Reserve Bank of El Salvador (BCR), remittances to El Salvador as of March 2024 totaled $1895.7 million. The figures from the Salvadoran Reserve Bank indicate that this year’s remittances have decreased by … Read more

Most Dangerous Places in El Salvador

The 10 Most Dangerous Places In El Salvador in 2024, Based on Homicides

Over the last few years, El Salvador has made tremendous strides in security improvement. The country has gone from one of the most dangerous in Latin America to one of the safest. This security improvement has increased in the first three months of 2024. From January 1 to March 31, … Read more