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Nayib Bukele’s territorial control plan

Nayib Bukele’s Territorial Control Plan: Transforming El Salvador’s Security Landscape

Under President Nayib Bukele’s government, El Salvador has witnessed a remarkable transformation in its security landscape. The administration’s severe security measures have effectively bolstered safety and instilled greater confidence among the population. Nayib Bukele’s territorial control plan is one of the strategies! Nayib Bukele’s territorial control plan consists of seven … Read more

MS13, MS-13 or Mara Salvatrucha gang profile

MS13, MS-13 or Mara Salvatrucha Gang Profile


The Mara Salvatrucha, or MS13, is perhaps the most notorious street gang in the Western Hemisphere. While it has its origins in the poor, refugee-laden neighborhoods of 1980s Los Angeles, the gang’s reach now spans from Central America to Europe. A predatory criminal organization, the MS13 lives mostly from extortion. But the gang’s resilience owes to its strong social bonds, which are created and strengthened via … Read more

Holy week in El Salvador

Holy Week in El Salvador: A Vibrant Celebration of Faith and Tradition

Holy Week in El Salvador is one of the most celebrated cultural traditions of the country; it is a time that Salvadorans use for prayer, reflection, and gratitude. These festivities are also a time to get together with family and friends to enjoy the celebrations. Easter week in El Salvador … Read more

Ex-President Salvador Sanchez Ceren

Ex-president Salvador Sanchez Ceren to Face Trial for Illicit Enrichment and Money Laundering


Things continue to get worse in 2024 for the left-wing political party FMLN. The political party had terrible results in the 2024 presidential and legislative elections. Now, their former president is about to face charges for the misappropriation of public funds. Ex-President Salvador Sanchez Ceren is set to face trial … Read more

El Salvador Foods

20 Traditional Salvadoran Foods to Try Today. The Culinary Treasures of El Salvador

El Salvador Foods. The best traditional Salvadoran foods are Pupusas, Tamales, Yuca Frita con Chicharon, different types of soups, Empanadas, Pastelitos, Quesadillas, Panes con Pollo, and desserts. These typical Salvadoran foods have unique flavors that make them popular with locals and foreigners. El Salvador foods are a mixture of Spanish … Read more

Salvadoran deputy Claudia Ortiz

Deputy Claudia Ortiz: Looking to Build a Political Alternative to Bukele and His Political Party

Surrounded by friends and members of the VAMOS political party, Deputy Claudia Ortiz announced that she had been re-elected as a deputy for the San Salvador department for the 2024-2027 legislative term. I want to tell you that despite all the irregularities that we have denounced, all the grave anomalies, … Read more

Central America Homicide Rate

Central America Homicide Rate: El Salvador Had the Lowest and Honduras the Highest Murder Rate in 2023

Violence in Central America has long been a prevailing issue, profoundly impacting the region’s social fabric and development. The violence is rooted in complex historical, economic, and social factors, and it poses significant challenges to the stability and prosperity of its inhabitants. In the 2023 Central America Homicide Rate rankings, … Read more