Expo Mango El Salvador Ichanmichen! The Ideal Event to Enjoy Tasty Mango Foods, Drinks, and Sweets

The 2024 Expo Mango Will Be on April 28 Starting at 8 AM

By Karla Ramos  |  Apr 26th, 2024

Experience the allure of the Expo Mango El Salvador event at the Ichanmichen Recreational Park in Zacatecoluca. The Expo Mango offers culinary delights and mango varieties with cultural festivities that showcase the nation’s rich agricultural heritage and culinary expertise.

The Expo Mango El Salvador is a family-oriented yearly event organized by the Salvadoran Institute of Tourism (ISTU).

Its principal objective is to support agrotourism in Zacatecoluca and to allow local entrepreneurs to show and offer visitors the different products that can be obtained from this tasty Salvadoran fruit.

Zacatecoluca is known for growing a variety of mangoes, such as Panades mango, plum, apple tree, Cuma, lemon, pineapple, Indian, Mechudo, and others; they are all grown in the area near Ichanmichen.

The expo is the perfect place to try more than 10 varieties of mangoes, as well as different dishes made with this juicy fruit. This gastronomic event has plenty of dishes catering to all visitors.

Expo Mango El Salvador 2024

The Salvadoran Institute of Tourism (ISTU) will be hosting the 2024 Expo Mango at the Ichanmichen Recreational Park in Zacatecoluca; the 2024 event will take place on Sunday, April 28, from 8 AM to 4 PM.

As in previous years, the 2024 Expo Mango will offer plenty of activities for families to enjoy, and it will also have plenty of tasty Mango dishes and drinks.

Expo Mango El Salvador 2023

The 2023 Expo Mango event was held on Sunday, March 26, at the Ichanmichen Park in Zacatecoluca, La Paz. Over 35 local entrepreneurs showcased their mango products. The event offered a diverse array of cultural, artistic, and recreational activities.

Thanks to the sponsorship of ACODJAR and inter-institutional work, Expo Mango 2023 was a complete success. The families enjoyed in complete tranquility and safety all the activities and the live music of the Orchestras that gave rhythm to this festival with a mango flavor and that every year projects the entrepreneurs who trade their products derived from this delicious fruit. Salvadoran Institute Of Tourism.

Ichanmichen Recreation Park

Ichanmichen Recreation Park is located 52 kilometers from the capital city of San Salvador. The park has two children’s swimming pools and five ponds; it is a fantastic location to spend time with family or friends enjoying some tasty Mangoes.

The admission fee will be minimal and free for children under six and adults over 60. Also, the ISTU usually offers happy Buses service to the expo, which traditionally departs from Plaza Barrios in downtown San Salvador.