Rene Merino Monroy. Defense Minister of El Salvador.

Rene Merino Monroy

Rene Merino Monroy is El Salvador’s Minister of Defense. Monroy was sworn in as minister on June 1, 2019, by President Nayib Bukele. Minister Monroy became the first member of the Naval Forces to obtain this prestigious position.

Defense Minister of El Salvador.

In late May 2019, President-elect Nayib Bukele announced that he had selected Colonel Rene Merino Monroy to be his defense minister.

Some in the opposition, such as the political parties FMLN and ARENA, questioned the decision to appoint Monroy as defense minister. Monroy’s rank is a colonel and not general, which has been the norm for the post in the past.

Merino Monroy replaced David Munguia Payes, a controversial defense minister who served as minister for ten years, five with ex-president Mauricio Funes Cartagena and five with ex-president Salvador Sanchez Ceren.

In the first 12 months of the Bukele administration, Minister Rene Merino Monroy has been one of the administration’s most public figures.

Merino Monroy and Rogelio Rivas are at the forefront of the fight against crime in El Salvador. These two ministers are the principal individuals executing Nayib Bukele’s security plan.

In just 12 months, El Salvador, with the new security measures, has set records with the lowest murder rate in 30 years, in addition to having the most days with zero murders.

The security plan implemented by the government of president Nayib Bukele is giving such positive results that San Salvador is no longer one of the most dangerous cities in the world.

Minister Monroy is playing an essential role in the fight against crime. He is also one of the most beloved and respected ministers in the administration of President Nayib Bukele.

The Salvadoran armed forces and the pandemic.

During the coronavirus in El Salvador pandemic, the Salvadoran armed forces led by Monroy have been at the forefront of the fight against the virus.

For example, Monroy and the Salvadoran armed forces have helped secure blind spots on the country’s borders. Also, they have helped the police secure the territory, and have also helped combat organized crime.

Additionally, the Monroy armed forces have immensely helped distribute food packages to families in need throughout the Salvadoran territory.

Many Salvadorans have commented that this is the most they have seen the Salvadoran Army work to help the general population.

The credit for all the work done goes to all members of the military. Since the start of the pandemic, they have worked very hard for the nation.

Rene Merino Monroy

The questioning of defense minister Merino Monroy.

On Friday, August 21st, the Salvadoran General Assembly conducted the questioning of the defense minister Monroy regarding the February 9th incidents.

The questioning of the defense minister by the opposition was focus on calling the incident a military action and on who conducted and directed the incursion.

Merino Monroy
Defence Minister Monroy

Morino Monroy focused his answers on demonstrating that it was not military action, but a mere ordinary operation of security for the president.

During the questioning that lasted about 10 hours, it became political. The politicization of the president was done by the representatives of the Salvadoran Congress or Diputados.

Merino Monroy gave short answers and to point, something that infuriated many of the FMLN, PDC, and ARENA members.

The next step in the process is for the Legislative Assembly to create a report of recommendations that will be made public and sent to the president.

President Nayib Bukele already took a position saying that he will not fire the defense minister on a recommendation by the Legislative branch.

By the way, the possibility that I am going to dismiss Minister Monroy, by a recommendation of the Legislative Assembly is zero percent.
So, that show they want to put on, instead of getting to work on the needs of the Salvadoran people, is totally a WASTE OF TIME.
Nayib Bukele via Twitter.

Defence Minister Rene Merino Monroy.

Rene Merino Monroy is a military man, he started his education at the Captain General Gerardo Barrios military school in 1986.

In the ’80s, he received training in Fort Benning, Columbus Georgia, and the Arturo Prat naval school in Valparaiso Chile. Monroy also received training at the Naval War College of the United States Navy in 2007 and 2008.

Defense Minister Rene Merino Monroy will be questioned by the Salvadoran congress on August 21st.

The Political Commission of the Legislative Assembly finally set a date for the defense minister Merino Monroy to give explanations about the events of February 9th.

On February 9th, Salvadoran Armed forces entered the Salvadoran congrees, along with president Bukele.

Many people, local and international, saw the entrance of the armed personal into the Legislative Assembly as an attempt to dismantle the Salvadoran congress.

The opposition political parties, the FMLN and ARENA, cast decisive votes to set a date to question Minister Monroy. The questioning of Monroy was scheduled once before, but it was canceled due to the pandemic.

After the announcement of the date, President Bukele said that this questioning was just another plot by the opposition to lifts its pooling numbers.

Military Courses.

  1. El Salvador Cadet Course, Fort Benning, Columbus Georgia, USA.
  2. Course for Navy Officer Naval School “Arturo Prat”, Valparaíso, Chile.
  3. Advanced Infantry Course, at the “Gral. Manuel José Arce.”
  4. Planas Mayores Course, at the “Gral. Manuel José Arce.”
  5. Basic English course, at the Military Doctrine and Education Command.
  6. Regular Course of General Staff, School of Command and General Staff “Dr. Manuel Enrique Araujo.”
  7. First Grade Assistant Professor of the Logistics course.
  8. Naval Staff Course, Naval War College, Newport Rhode Island. USES.
  9. Military Professor of the subject of Military Geography and Geopolitics.
  10. Diploma in Military Teaching Universidad Tecnológica El Salvador.
  11. Naval Command Course, Naval War College, Newport Rhode Island USA.
  12. National Defense Course, College of Higher Strategic Studies.