National Parks in El Salvador, perfect for ecotourism adventures.

National Parks in El Salvador
National Parks in El Salvador.

The most popular National Parks in El Salvador are Cerro Verde, El Pital, El Boqueron, Montecristo, El Imposible, and Walther Thilo. These parks offer excellent ecotourism activities for those who love nature. Visit El Salvador National Parks, exceptional flora and fauna are waiting for you.

There are many reasons why anyone should visit these parks, the obvious one is to see flora and fauna that you can’t see in other parts of the country. Another reason is to get away from the same routine and relax in a different setting.

Lastly, it will be an adventure full of memories that you can have with family or friends. These are just some of the reasons why you should visit the Parks in El Salvador.

What are the best National Parks in El Salvador?

The most well-known and popular parks in the country are the Cerro Verde National Park, El Pital, Montecristo, El Imposible, Walther Thilo Deininger, and El Boqueron.

El Boqueron National Parkk
San Salvador stratovolcano. Photo by: @MITURElSalvador

Undoubtedly, the country has other parks that have great things to offer and deserve to be on this list. But, I decided to include only the most well-known and popular; here they are with more details.

Cerro Verde National Park

Cerro Verde National Park is also known as Los Volcanes National Park. It’s well-known because it has three amazing volcanoes.

Two of these volcanoes, Izalco and Santa Ana, are the most popular in the country when it comes to hiking to the summit; the views from the summit at either volcano are simply amazing.

The third volcano, Cerro Verde, has the same name as the park. This volcano has numerous trails with dense forests and plenty of flora and fauna to enjoy.

There is no question that this park has plenty of ecotourist activities and incredible views of the surrounding areas. Moreover, this protected natural area is home to many species of animals and plants that can be viewed along the trails.

The three volcanoes, of course, are the main attraction at the park. From any of these volcanoes, you will be able to see the other two volcanoes and the Lake Coatepeque in the distance.

Travel to the Cerro Verde National Park and enjoy nature at its best in El Salvador. If you want to know more about this park, visit our Cerro Verde National Park page.

Visit El Pital, a Binational National Park in El Salvador

El Pital Park is one of the most visited parks in the nation that just happens to be the highest peak in El Salvador.

The park enjoys a cold climate the entire year, this is due to its elevation, 2,700 meters above sea level. So, if you are planning to spend the night, make sure you bring a jacket as it gets colder at night.

Visitors at this park can enjoy the ecotourism in different manners, by observing the fauna and flora, by hiking or biking one of the trails or even by camping for a few days. There is plenty of eco-friendly activities to enjoy.

This park is ideal for camping, which a lot of people do. Now if camping is not your thing, you can stay at one of the small hotels nearby.

Another interesting fact is that this park is also a border with Honduras. So, it’s a binational park belonging to both nations.

Visit El Pital Park, and get away from the hustle of everyday routines, and enjoy the fresh air with pleasant weather in an astonishing setting. Also, El Pital is located near one of the most colorful towns in the country, La Palma.

El Pital National Parks
Pital National Park.

El Boqueron, one of the best National Parks in El Salvador.

El Boqueron National Park located in the outskirts of the capital, San Salvador. At the park, you will find plenty of ecotourism activities and fantastic views of the surrounding areas, including the capital.

Since the park is located near the capital, and other populated areas, and is visited by many tourists; it has a visitor’s center and trails around the volcano crater.

Parks in El Salvador
El Boqueron

Undoubtedly, the biggest attraction in the park is the volcano crater and the smaller crater inside the big one, called El Boqueroncito. If you have the stamina and the desire to do it, you can rappel to the bottom of the main crater.

Clearly, the park has a vast array of plants and wildlife that can be viewed as you explore the park.

El Boqueron is a great National Park located just outside the Nation’s Capital.

Montecristo National Park

Montecristo National park is one of the most beautiful natural places in El Salvador; it serves as a sanctuary to many species of animals and plants.

This park is located about 125 kilometers from San Salvador and attracts a more adventurous type of visitors. It has about 200 hectares of land that includes three mountains, Montecristo, Miramundo and El Brujo.

At Montecristo, you will find camping areas, a botanical garden, and trails that will guide you into the forest.

One of the main attraction at Montecristo National Park is the hike to the summit, where the borders of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras meet. This hike is not easy, but it’s worth the effort to get there.

Another top attraction at this park is the “one hundred year garden,” at this garden, you will find over 70 different species of orchids.

To get into the park, you will need a permit in advance from the government. I am not sure why you need to get a permit, but you do.

Click here to get the form and more information about the request. Also, the permit needs to be requested at least 48 in advance.

By the way, even if you have a permit, you need to follow the hours of operations. You will not be able to get into the park after 1pm, even if you have the proper documents.

El Imposible National Park

El Imposible National Park is the largest in the country, is located in the department of Ahuachapan near La Ruta de Las Flores.

This beautiful park is one of the most protected natural areas in the country. The main objective is to protect the endangered ecosystem and to serve as a sanctuary for diverse wildlife.

The main attractions at El Imposible National parks are the diverse flora and fauna that can be seen as you hike the trails. At the park, you can go camping, swim in the rivers, watch birds, and just enjoy nature.

Just like Montecristo, you need to have permission ahead of time to enter the park. Click here to get the permit application.

El Imposible
El Imposible National Park.

Walter Thilo Deininger Park

Walter Thilo Deininger Park in La Libertad is a protected area with a vast diversity of animal species, that include mammals, reptiles, and birds. Additionally, it has a vast array of medicinal plants and trees in danger of extinction.

The best way to explore this park is by taking a guided tour. The tours will take you to some of the most attractive and unique areas of the park.

The first stop, is El Mirador or the outlook in English, from this point you will be able to see the Pacific Ocean in the distance. Then, you will get to the Enchanted Cave, or La Cueva del Encanto is Spanish with its peculiar history.

After that, you will move on to Chanseñora, a place with dense and unique vegetation. Lastly, you will run into the Amayo River adjacent to, Posa El Salto, where you can relax and cool off in the crystal clear waters.

Another good thing about this park is its location, it’s near some of the best beaches in El Salvador. So, visit the park, and then go to the beach!

Other Parks in El Salvador.

These are other smaller and lesser-known parks, which are fantastic for fun and adventure.

Bicentenario Park.

Bicentennial Park is one of the largest parks in San Salvador, with plenty of attractions and activities. It is an excellent option for spending time outdoors near the capital. The park has picnic areas and paths for walking or cycling.

El Cafetalon Park.

El Cafetalon is an ideal place to relax, it is located in the city of Santa Tecla. This is one of the most complete parks in San Salvador with plenty of open spaces to breathe fresh air; additionally, you will find soccer and basketball courts, as well as swimming pools for the enjoyment of children and adults.

Balboa Park.

Balboa Park is located about 12 kilometers from the Nation’s capital, it has an area approximated of about 27 acres with plenty of vegetation.

At this park, you will find Plaza del Maiz or Corn Plaza; the plaza has over 20 Pupuserias and playgrounds for kids. Furthermore, there are skating areas, biking trails, sports fields, and picnic areas.

The park is located at a high altitude; therefore, the climate is colder and pleasant for visitors.

These smaller porks are worth visiting! But, not all the smaller and lesser-known parks were listed here.

El Salvador National Parks.

To sum up, El Salvador has great Parks excellent for exploring with family and friends. Some parks like Montecristo and El Pital might be farther away from the larger cities, but they are worth the visit.

If you love nature and like spending time outdoors, these parks are a great option. Travel to El Salvador and visit the Parks, discover everything they have to offer!