El Boqueron National Park: A Natural Paradise Overlooking El Salvador’s Capital City

By Eddie Galdamez  | Updated on Sep 25th, 2023
El Boqueron National Park in El Salvador.El Boqueron National Park in El Salvador. Photo by: @MITURElSalvador

El Boqueron National Park is located at the top of the San Salvador volcano. El Boqueron is a protected area with diverse flora and fauna on the outskirts of the nation’s capital, about 23 kilometers from the San Salvador historic district.

This volcano sanctuary boasts breathtaking landscapes, lush forests, and diverse wildlife, making it a haven for adventurers, nature enthusiasts, and conservationists.

People from all over the country and foreign tourists go to El Boqueron National Park to get a glimpse of the unique volcano craters and everything else the protected natural area offers.

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Tourism at El Boqueron National Park

El Boqueron Park is a popular destination for local and foreign tourists; the climate, the fantastic views, the flora, the fauna, and the volcano craters are the top reasons why people visit this national park.

You can visit the Boqueron National Park and enjoy the views from the many outlooks, taste the local cuisine at the many restaurants in the area, take the trails and explore the park, and reach the summit and view El Boqueroncito.

El Boqueron National Park
Boqueron national Park.

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Atractions at El Boqueron National Park

The main attractions at the national park are El Boqueron Crater, El Boqueroncito, the trails, the scenic views of the capital city, the flora and fauna, and the museum.

El Boqueron Volcano Crater

The main attraction at the park is the astonishing large crater called El Boqueron, which is about 1.5 kilometers in diameter and about 550 meters deep.

There is a trail that goes alongside the rim of the volcano crater. From here, you can take amazing photos of the big opening and look at the smaller volcano crater inside the El Boqueron Volcano crater.

El Boqueron Volcano crater
El Boqueron Volcano crater. Image by Jpyle490 CC BY-SA 3.0
Overlooking El Boqueron Volcano Crater.
Overlooking El Boqueron Volcano Crater.

El Boqueroncito

El Boqueroncito is a smaller crater (approximately 35 meters high) located inside the main volcanic crater. Having a visible volcanic crater within another crater is something unique to this national park.

For those who like extreme adventures, you can go down to the bottom of the main crater and camp alongside El Boqueroncito; you can read more about this option further down.

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El Boqueroncito Volcano Crater.
El Boqueroncito Volcano Crater.

The National Park Trails

El Boqueron National Park has marked trails that will take you to different lookout points and to the top so you can view the volcanic craters. The good news about this volcano park is that the trails are well-maintained and correctly marked.

El Boqueron trails
El Boqueron trails.

The Scenic Views of the Capital City

El Boqueron Park overlooks San Salvador, the nation’s capital. The park has many lookout points from which you will have outstanding views of the city. The best part is that you don’t have to hike to the top to see them.

Along the road to El Boqueron, you will find restaurants and viewpoints where you can see and appreciate the landscapes of the area, including astonishing views of San Salvador.

View from the San Salvador Volcano.
View from El Boqueron. Image by Cultura_DES.

The flora and fauna

El Boqueron National Park is a protected area that boasts diverse flora and fauna. Its biodiversity enchants nature enthusiasts and offers a glimpse into El Salvador’s natural beauty. The flora and fauna are better during the wet season or winter.

The El Boqueron Museum

If you want to know more about the park and the volcano, you can visit the small museum that is located at the entrance of the park. At the museum, you will find photos, videos, and other information related to the history of the park and the volcano.

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Hiking Down to El Boqueroncito

Another activity at El Boqueron for those who like extreme adventures is to hike down to El Boqueroncito. This hike is for those looking for something more challenging to do.

Hiking down and hiking up is not easy! There are no roads or clear paths to the bottom. So, you will have to do the hiking using ropes through densely vegetated spots and loose rocks.

Also, some people hike down to El Boqueroncite and camp inside the main crater, around the small volcano crater.

Click here to see a short five-minute video by Juan Lievano showing their hike down to El Boqueroncito; the video is in Spanish, but you can have subtitles in English.

Camping Inside the San Salvador Volcano Crater
Camping Inside El Boqueron Volcano Crater. Screenshot from Juan Lievano’s Video.
Camping Inside the San Salvador Volcano Crater
Camping Inside El Boqueron Volcano Crater. Screenshot from Juan Lievano’s Video.

Try the Local Gastronomy While Visiting El Boqueron

While visiting El Boqueron National Park, you can try the typical Salvadoran foods at the many restaurants along the way to the park. These food places have excellent views of the city.

Additionally, you can eat at any of the many small food places located at the entrance of the park; they all serve typical dishes like pupusas, tamales, enchiladas, and many others.

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El Boqueron National Park

There is no doubt that El Boqueron park is a great option to enjoy nature and practice ecotourism; this park has ample natural beauty for visitors to enjoy and appreciate.

If you get the chance to visit El Boqueron, go to El Picacho, is the highest point of the volcano; from there, you will get great views of the incredible volcano craters.

In any case, El Boqueron National Park in El Salvador is one of the best natural parks in the country; therefore, you should visit it as soon as possible. El Boqueron is a great option to get away from the noise of the city and to breathe fresh air; it is not that far away.