El Salvador public transportation

El Salvador public transportation is not working at full capacity.

El Salvador public transportation plays a significant role in the lives of many Salvadorans and also the economy of the country. The majority of Salvadorans depend on public transport to get to their jobs, places of businesses, or to sell goods and services.

One week after the Salvadoran economy re-open, El Salvador public transportation was not working at full capacity. This is affecting the lives of Salvadorans that depend on it for their daily activities.

Cabinet officials from the Government of President Nayib Bukele gave a press conference in which they expressed their hope that public transport will operate in full as of this week or September 1st.

El Salvador public transportation issue.

Why is it that the El Salvador public transportation sector is not working at full capacity? Well, the answer is money. The transportation sector wants a more substantial monthly subsidy. On the other hand, the Government is willing to keep the same amount but with conditions.

Each bus unit providing services for the public receives a monthly subsidy to offset their cost. The current legislation that gives the transportation sector this money expired in August.


To renew it, the Government of Nayib Bukele wants to put conditions; one of the most important is GPS tracking on each unit. Government officials discovered last year that over 100 bus units that were not circulating were receiving a subsidy. This is another corruption case in El Salvador involving the major political parties ARENA and FMLN.

Bus owners, on the other hand, want double the amount of subsidy. Their argument is that it is not profitable for them to continue with the current support and not to increase the amount they charge users.

Salvadorans are hoping that this issue with bus owners gets resolved soon by the Legislative Assembly. As of right now, it is having a tremendous impact on the general population.

Transalation: In the west and east of the country, all the routes have also been incorporated to provide service to the population.

Public transportation.

There is no question that El Salvador’s public transportation needs to be improved for so many reasons. For instance, there are a large number of buses that are not suitable to be in circulation. Also, there is a large number of bus drivers that shouldn’t be driving.

Undoubtedly, public transportation is the most common mode of transportation in El Salvador. Nevertheless, action needs to be taken to improve it.