The City of Sensuntepeque in Cabañas El Salvador.

Sensuntepeque El Salvador

Sensuntepeque El Salvador is a municipality and a town located in the central region of El Salvador near the Honduran border; it is commonly known as the municipality of 400 hills. The municipality’s principal urban part is the city of Sensutepeque, which is the capital city of the department of Cabañas.

The municipality of Sensuntepeque is located about 85 kilometers from San Salvador, and about 105 kilometers from the international airport.

Sensuntepeque Cabañas
Los Remedios Park. Photo by Feinteriano

Sensunte is mostly a rural municipality; the territory of about 305 square kilometers is divided into the rural area and the urban area.

In Sessuntepeque, 22 districts or Cantones constitute the municipality’s rural area. Whereas, four neighborhoods or Barrios and about 28 colonies or Colonias made up the urban area.

Short history of Sensuntepeque El Salvador.

The municipality of Sensunte dates back to pre-Colonial times; Pipil Indians founded it around the mid 15th century.

Also, the name Sensuntepeque in the Nahuatl language means 400 hills; therefore, Sensunte is the city of 400 hills or the city of many hills.

Jose Maria Cornejo, chief of state of El Salvador at the time, gave Sensuntepeque the title of Villa in 1829; afterward, in 1865, a legislative decree changed the title of Sensuntepeque from Villa to City.

Visiting Sensunte.

By all means, the municipality of Sensunte is not a top touristic destination in the country or in the department.

For instance, most tourists who visit the department of Cabañas, head on to the city of Ilobasco; a charming town that is about 28 kilometers from Sensunte.

Just in case you decide to visit Sensunte, the following are some popular touristic attractions that are worth visiting.

Iglesia Santa Barbara.

Without a doubt, the local church is one of the main attractions in the municipality. Locals built the Santa Barbara Church around 1719 with the typical colonial-style look.

Although the church’s façade does not have the features of Baroque influences that most Salvadoran colonial churches have. Santa Barbara is a beautiful church worth visiting.

Sensuntepeque El Salvador
Santa Barbara Church.

Luciano Hernandez Municipal park.

The city of Sensuntepeque has a similar design to other towns in the country that date back to colonial times. In these towns right in front of the church, you will find the traditional municipal park; Sensunte is the same.

Luciano Hernandez park sits right in front of the Santa Barbara church. This small colorful park has plenty of information about the municipality history. All over the park, you will find plaques and monuments with descriptive information about the history of Sensuntepeque.

Parque Cabañas.

The Cabañas park in Sensunte lays on top of El Pelon hill, one of the numerous hills in this municipality. Unquestionably, the two main attractions at this park are the cave and the views.

According to historians, miners created the cave while they were looking for buried treasures hidden by Indians. The Indians were desperate to protect their gold from the Spanish, so they buried it in this hill.

Of course, many people venture into the cave, which is about 70 meters long; however, it is a small space, so if you don’t like confined spaces, this might not be for you.

Indeed, the other reason why people visit this small park is the views; certainly, from here you will have a fantastic view of the city of Sensuntepeque and the surrounding areas.

Furthermore, on a clear day, you can see as far as Volcan Chaparrastique in San Miguel, Izalco volcano in Santa Ana, and Chichontepec volcano in San Vicente.

Sensuntepeque’s Festivities.

The municipality celebrates its festivities in honor of the virgin of Santa Barbara, from November 24th to December 5th. During the religious celebrations, the city has events such as carnivals, mechanical games, floats, and parades, to name a few.

Economy of Sensuntepeque El Salvador.

According to the government, this unicipality is in one of the poorest regions of the country. The municipality’s principal sources of income are agriculture, farming, and commerce.

The agriculture sector-main productions are corn, beans, and fruits. Local farmers focus mostly on growing cattle, pigs, and poultry.

Because of its proximity to Honduras, commerce is one of the largest sectors that helps the local economy. On Thursday and Sundays, people from surrounding areas, including Honduras, come to the city of Sensuntepeque; they are looking to buy or sell products.

Phot by Feinteriano

Sensuntepeque El Salvador.

To sum up, Sensuntepeque is a typical municipality that is found all over the country; it has a fantastic history that dates back to pre-Colonial times with great local traditions.

Undoubtedly, this municipality is not a top touristic destination in El Salvador; nevertheless, it is worth visiting!

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