The El Salvador Pacific Airport. A Project by Nayib Bukele

El Salvador new Pacific Airport
El Salvador New Pacific airport.

The El Salvador Pacific Airport is a new international airport that will be built in the eastern part of El Salvador, in the department of La Union. The new airport is a campaign promise that President Nayib Bukele made to the people in the region of San Miguel and La Union.

The Bukele administration believes that this airport will increase the economy of the eastern part of El Salvador.

The Government of El Salvador seeks to turn the eastern zone into a pole of economic development, encourage the growing demand for passengers abroad, develop international tourism and activate the Port of La Union.” CEPA

New Pacific Airport in El Salvador
New Pacific Airport in El Salvador.

On March 9, 2020, the Salvadoran government launched an International Public offering regarding the study and design of the Pacific Airport Project.

During this process, 44 international companies showed interest, of which 30 were pre-qualified. Finally, 11 companies presented their technical and economic offers. According to CEPA, the construction of the new airport will commence in 2023.

Why is the New Pacific Airport El Salvador Important to the Region?

The new Pacific airport will have an economic benefit to the region. It will increase tourism and create new job opportunities. Also, it will benefit people who travel in and out of the eastern part of El Salvador.

Without a doubt, an international airport in the department of La Union will increase tourism in the region.

Many tourists don’t visit the tourist spots located in the eastern part of the country due to the time it takes to get there, from the current airport.

Popular tourist locations such as El Cuco beach, the Fonseca Gulf, and the Conchagua volcano will gain considerably from the new airport.

If tourism to the area increases, it will create job opportunities in the tourism industry. Also, the airport itself will create jobs directly.

Having an airport in Eastern El Salvador will mean another option for travelers in the region. As of right now, it can take from three to five hours to reach the Oscar Arnulfo Romero international airport from the city of La Union. The Pacific Airport El Salvador will change that.

New Pacific Airport
New Airport in La Union.

The El Salvador Pacific Airport

Even though the El Salvador pacific airport is in the planning stages. People in the eastern part have the right to feel optimistic about it.

This airport will have a tremendous impact on the region and the people in the area. There is no secret that previous administrations didn’t do enough to help develop the eastern territory.

The Pacific Airport must be channeled as a national project that will energize the eastern region of the country; encouraging the growing demand of passengers abroad, tourist development, activation of the Port of La Unión and creation of the Eastern Free Zone.

The Government of President Nayib Bukele seeks to turn the eastern zone into an area of comprehensive economic development for the country. The new international airport is going to help achieve that goal.

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