Deputy Claudia Ortiz: Looking to Build a Political Alternative to Bukele and His Political Party

By Eddie Galdamez  |  Feb 26th, 2024
Salvadoran deputy Claudia OrtizDeputy Claudia Ortiz. Image by Claudia Ortiz.

Surrounded by friends and members of the VAMOS political party, Deputy Claudia Ortiz announced that she had been re-elected as a deputy for the San Salvador department for the 2024-2027 legislative term.

I want to tell you that despite all the irregularities that we have denounced, all the grave anomalies, even the change in electoral rules that the ruling party did to favor them. VAMOS has a seat in the legislative assembly. Deputy Claudia Ortiz.

Ortiz’s announcement came 13 days after the conclusion of the February 4 elections, which have been criticized by the opposition for all the irregularities and the chaos that followed during the vote counting.

At present, Claudia Ortiz serves as a deputy in the 2021-2024 legislative term, representing the San Salvador department on behalf of the VAMOS political party. She has notably emerged as the most outspoken critic of the New Ideas political party and the Bukele administration.

Ortiz won her legislative seat in the 2021 elections with 15,520 votes; she received 13,133 preferential marks. Yet, in the 2024 legislative elections, the VAMOS party’s support in the San Salvador department surged to 67,235 votes, with Deputy Ortiz’s preferential marks increasing to 69,079.

Deputy Ortiz frequently and boldly criticizes the Bukele administration and the New Ideas political party, displaying a tenacity that may propel her into a leadership role within the opposition; this could help her build a Political Alternative to Bukele and his Political party.

In a February 25 interview with FocosTV, Ortiz explained that her focus lies in constructing a political initiative that serves as a viable alternative to Bukele and his Political party.

She acknowledges that achieving unity within the opposition has been a challenge in recent years. Nevertheless, she deems this unity crucial to effectively counter the power of the ruling political party.

Certainly, Ortiz will encounter significant challenges in establishing a credible alternative to Bukele and his political party. Partnership with other political groups is essential, but the political agendas within these groups may hinder the formation of a cohesive and unified political front.

Furthermore, she will have to deal with Bukele’s popularity, which is tied to improved security using the controversial State of Exception. Deputy Ortiz has voted against every extension of the State of Exception; this is something allies of Bukele will continue to mention as the deputy looks to create a political alternative.

Ortiz will be one of three opposing voices in the 2024-2027 legislative term. The other two are Marcella Villatoro and Francisco Lira, both affiliated with the ARENA political party.