Deputy Marcela Villatoro Asks for the Resignation of ARENA’s President Carlos Garcia Saade

By Eddie Galdamez  |  Mar 7th, 2024
Deputy Marcela VillatoroDeputy Marcela Villatoro. Image by Dialogo 21.

ARENA’s newly re-elected deputy, Marcela Villatoro, declared that the president of the right-wing political party, Carlos García Saade, should resign from his position as ARENA’s president after the results of the 2024 elections.

Deputy Villatoro justified her assessment of asking for Saade’s resignation and gave the resignation of Mauricio Interiano in 2018 as an example.

Interiano was a successful president of the right-wing political party between 2016 and 2019; however, he resigned after the political party lost the presidential elections to Nayib Bukele.

“This is the time for a step back from those people who are causing harm to the party,” stated Villatoro about Garcia Saade.

Over the last few days, Deputy Villatoro has posted numerous messages on her X account (Previously Twitter) regarding the political party leadership.

Based on her messages, Villatoro believes she didn’t receive support from the ARENA president during the elections. Furthermore, the legislator wrote a thread of tweets on her political party, which she accused him of having favorites within the party.

It has been a month since the re-election of Francisco Lira and myself, in which we managed to be that voice within the legislative Assembly; however, to date, NOT ONE CALL, NOT ANY support from President Carlos Garcia Saade. We weren’t your favorites, but today, we are the face of the political party. Deputy Marcela Villatoro.

ARENA’s President Saade ruled out that he had any type of favoritism with any candidates during the campaign or election. He added that ARENA’s mission was to survive.

What was the mission of ARENA? To survive, and we did. That’s a win. We survived even though we had everything against us. Carlos García Saade, president of ARENA.

In the 2024 elections, ARENA received the worst defeat in its political life. The right-wing political party finished third place in the presidential elections and won only two legislative seats. Furthermore, he won only one municipality government.

Garcia Saade announced that the party would make changes; however, he didn’t mention what actions they would take as part of this renewal of the political party.

Lastly, the changes or renewals do not imply a change in the political party’s leadership; they were elected to serve until 2025.